Sunday, September 5, 2010

Knowlege is Power

I love to learn. In fact, I love to learn so much that I've been in college off and on for the past 10 years! For 1 of those 9 years I attended full-time. It's been a challenge. So far I have 2 Associate's Degrees to my name, but no Bachelor's Degree.

The reason for this could probably be pinned down to the fact that I have changed my major no less than 7 times. Yep, 7. Oh, and I've also attended 3 different colleges. And not all of my classes have transferred. Which has resulted in retaking classes. Yea.

It's been a rough 10 years.

Are you interested in some of my past majors?

* Interpreter for the Deaf (then I changed schools and majored in this again a 2nd time)
* Travel and Tourism
* Massotherapy
* Business Management
* Real Estate

Oh, and don't worry, there's more! Interesting how eclectic my tastes in future professions are, huh? I think I've had this underlying fear that I'm I will hate my job. I can't stand the thought of going into a field and then not liking what I do. That would be pretty hard for me to swallow.

Right now I have an AAB in Real Estate and AA in Liberal Arts. For the past few years I've been earning credits towards my BBA in Business Management. I had quite a setback when I attempted to transfer credits from Ohio to a University here in Houston. Things did not go as planned and 7 courses that I had successfully completed with A's did not transfer. I've spent the past 2 years retaking those courses so that I could move forward with my degree and be accepted into the School of Business. After this past Fall semester I took time off from school so that I could have a baby, be a Mama and all that comes with it.

I had wanted to go back this Fall. But, it's been difficult. Primarily because Jason travels during the week and if I wanted to take night classes there would never be a guarantee that he'd be home to stay with Aidan while I filled my head with knowledge. Things are definitely trickier when you don't have Grandma's around dying to babysit!

So, I had spent this summer knowing that I wouldn't be going back to school this Fall. I'll be honest that I was disappointed. I love being in class. I love buying new pens and notebooks and looking at my textbooks to see what's in store for me before the semester begins. I still get jitters on my first day of class, wondering if I'll like my teacher and if they'll be inspiring. I feel that when I'm not in school I'm missing out. That there are other people out there learning new things and that I'm not.

I have also spent time contemplating if Business Management is really what I want to do. I secured my degree in Real Estate with the plans that eventually I'd get the Mgmt degree and go into the wonderful world of Property Management, hopefully focusing on vacation rental properties somewhere warm and full of tourists flocking to the local beaches. I'm not so sure about this anymore. I feel that I've lost my drive for business. In a way, I'm glad. What if I hadn't had this time off and kept trucking along, not really stopping to reevaluate if this was what I really wanted to do?

Well, I've come to a realization. I asked myself what classes do I love most? When gets me excited about school? What projects do I LOVE to do? It's all whittled down to this. I love History and I love Sign Language. Interesting duo, or so I think. I've decided to once again pursue a degree in Interpreting for the Deaf. It is an Associate's Degree that I have completed almost all of the credits towards. Unfortunately, I haven't Signed in over 5 years and where once I was fluent, my abandonment of the language has quickly moved me back to a beginner. I will retake most of the classes as a refresher and also to meet people who are also interested in Sign. Once I have that degree I will probably aim for a Bachelor's in Education with a Minor in History. This way I have the option to teach Deaf Ed or High School History. Oh, and I'd love to get a Master's Degree, too!

This may seem a little ambitious, especially since I'm *cough* almost 29 *cough* years old, have an infant and am lacking in the spare time department. I've talked it over with Jason and have asked around to some of the ladies in my Mom's group. A few have volunteered to babysit if Jason is out of town so that I will be able to attend night classes. I still have a few months to apply for Financial Aid before the Spring semester starts in January. It seems that everything is falling into place. That this is it.

I really hope so. I desperately want to get into the workforce doing something I love as a career. I can start Interpreting in school districts in about two years, once my degree is complete. From there I can continue on with a Bachelor's degree. I'm ready. I think it's pretty funny that I keep going back to Interpreting. Obviously it's what I love.

Why didn't I just listen to my heart in the first place?

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  1. I'm so excited for you! I remember the days sitting in the back of the room in sign language class. Se exciting that you are going to do something more with it! I did my masters online. Obviously, you could not take sign language classes online, but are there any core classes you could get out of the way? I know that there were many parents in my classes, and they would work as time allowed. It definitely wasn't easy for them. It's so exciting that you are finding a way to make it work!


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