Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not all food is created equal

And in Aidan's opinion they are definitely NOT! He LOVES trying new foods and is always wanting to taste whatever it is that we're eating.

He's mastered the sippy cup and eagerly waits with mouth open when we offer him a puff or yogurt melt as a treat.

But, when we tried peach yogurt, all bets were off. The little guy was not liking this food. I think perhaps it was a bit too tart?

The funny part was, even though he didn't like it he kept opening his mouth up for more!

Then he'd remember that it was awful! But still... he'd want more!

Jason and I were cracking up at his expressions and couldn't help taking some pictures!

I guess we'll steer clear of peach yogurt for now!


  1. So sad and so precious at the same time! He will get the hang of it soon!

  2. Call me sadistic ... but, I love crying and icky food face pictures! These are some of the best I've seen! He is so adorable.


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