Thursday, October 21, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day Eleven

{Day Eleven}

{Favorite TV Shows}

Let's see... In all honesty I don't watch much TV these days. But, I always try to make time for..

The Biggest Loser and Parenthood. LOVE, love, LOoOOooVE those two shows. :)

Some that I try to watch, but can't always find the time..

30 Rock
The Office

Other shows I love, but are no longer with us.. :(

Sex and the City (although I have the box set)
Friends (yep, have that box set, too!)

And some other shows from WAaaaYY back when...

Laverne and Shirley
Happy Days
The Monkees (you know it!)
Salute Your Shorts
Pete & Pete
The Wonder Years
Punky Brewster
Saved by the Bell

And probably one of my all-time FAVORITE shows. Please, do not judge me. Please.

Full House

I can hear you laughing, ya know!

I know it's super corny, but it brings back so many childhood memories for me! My sisters and I used to LIVE for T.G.I.F. on Friday nights so that we could watch this show. And come on, John Stamos was super hot, even with a mullet!

Check out Katie's blog to see if anybody else likes some of my shows!


  1. HI, I found your blog through the challenge...Full house was also something we looked forward to in our house!


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