Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day Seven

{Day Seven}

{My Favorite Movies}

Oh lordy, lordy! I kind of have a "thing" for movies... As in I'm obsessed! So is Jason. We easily own over 200 DVD's. It's sick people. We can't stay away from those darn sales at Blockbuster. You know the ones... 4 DVD's for like 20 bucks!

Can you say awesome?!

I don't even know where I'd begin to list favorites.. but let's see here... perhaps I can do a favorite for different categories..

* The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Sci-Fi/nerd movie)
* Love Actually (Christmas movie)
* Gone with the Wind (Classic)
* Bridget Jones' Diary (Chick flick)
* The Departed (Action)
* The Big Lebowski (Can I count this as my favorite bowling movie?)
* Hook (Kid's movie)
* Newsies (Musical)
* Pride and Prejudice- the BBC version with Colin Firth. Yes please! (Made for Television)
* The Little Mermaid (Disney movie)

Now the hardest for me is probably gonna be my favorite comedy. This is one of my favorite genres. Mostly because it's what I watch these days since I can just put one in and not think or really focus on the movie. Because it's just funny. And that's what I need after spending all day with a baby. who's teething. and fussy. and just wants to be held. yep.

I'm gonna say....

* Anchorman/Talladega Nights/40-Year Old Virgin/Zoolander/Old School/Wedding Crashers/Knocked Up

Yup... that's ONE movie. I swear. Haven't you heard of it?

Find more movies here. :)

Happy Sunday! Go Texans!

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  1. Newsies...when I talk about it most people do not know what it is! Did you hear that they are making it into a Broadway show?


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