Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Some of you may remember what my living room looked like before. Basically, it was tragic. My furniture was "under arrest", as in held up against the walls. There was no homey feeling in the room. It was sad. Very sad. And so was I.

I didn't want my living room to be that way. It just was. I had always been under the impression that furniture and accessories had to cost a lot of money. Now I know better. So without further ado I'd like to present to you my somethings... (You know how that old wedding rhyme goes, although mine is a bit different!)

{Old Clearanced}

When I originally saw this table for sale at Home Goods for $150 I wanted to buy it. On. the. spot. It was perfect! Everything I wanted. I LOVE white furniture. If I could have white furniture in every room of my house I'd be one happy Mama. Anyway, we weren't really able to purchase furniture at that time. So I waited. And waited. And then one day a few weeks ago I was walking in the clearance section of Home Goods. And there it was. On clearance. For 100 bucks. I got all sweaty and nervous. Afraid that it was some joke and that I was on Candid Camera. I was waiting for Casey Casem to come walking into the store. Seriously.

So, I whipped out my phone and called Jason at work. No answer. He was in a meeting. I texted a good friend of mine. She has the same obsession as I do. You know the one. Where you stalk furniture and things until they go down enough in price for you to buy them. Yep. Are you a sufferer too? She told me I'd be crazy not to buy it! So, I did. Except it wouldn't fit in my car. *tear* I had to wait 4 whole days to go back to the store and pick it up! I. love. it.

{New On Sale}

A rug! How I love thee. This has been a major challenge. We've wanted a rug in our living room for awhile now. When we first bought our house we couldn't have been happier NOT to have a sliver of carpet anywhere in our home. Now that we have a baby, we really wish we had some carpet. We've been rug shopping for a few months now. We saw this rug at Home Depot on sale for $150 for an 8x10. Not bad! But we still wanted to think about it. I pulled it up on the Internet when we got home and found that HD was selling it online for even cheaper. Plus free shipping. We ordered it instantly. In the words of the Big Lebowski, "That rug really ties the room together, man!"

{Borrowed Given}

My aforementioned good friend gave me this gorgeous table! Isn't she the greatest? Her Uncle painted and crackled it for her. Except it's not her style. At all. But, she knew who would like it. Yours truly! I switched out our other sofa table that was NOT my style and I love the results!

{Blue Teal}

I love this platter. Jason and I bought it at Arhaus years ago. We love that store, but there is NO WAY we can afford their furniture. I think it looks really nice on our new coffee table.

So, here is the living room as it looks today. I think it's about 100,000 times better than it was before! There is still work to be done though. There is really nothing on the walls. I'm thinking of making a Gallery Wall like the Nester suggests. We have the wall space, I just need to think about what to put up there. There are also curtains, pillows and a few other goodies yet to buy. I'm on the lookout though!

It's really starting to feel like a home and we all couldn't be happier with our new family-friendly living space!

I'd really like to thank Amanda at Serenity Now. She has hosted a few parties that I linked up with and all of the women, including her, really gave me some wonderful tips and advice in the comments they left. Thank you so very much! :)


  1. I have nothing else to say but ... LOVE. :)

  2. Hi, Emily!! Thanks for the comment you left. :) I love what you did with the room!!! Great job. :) That coffee table is fab. :)


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