Saturday, November 27, 2010

The beginnings of a playroom

I love our house. The one here in Texas. Not the one in Ohio. Okay, I love that one, too. But I wish somebody would BUY the freakin' thing! Anyway....

Even though it's not very large, it's a good size for our little family. Although sometimes I wish we had more space. An office for Jason, a craft room for me and a second living area for Aidan to play to his heart's content. Just shy of 1500 square feet, our home is not one of palatial size. But, it's OUR home and it'll do for now.

We have 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, laundry room, living room, kitchen and breakfast room. That's all. This home was purchased while I was pregnant with Aidan, so off the bat two bedrooms were all ready taken.

That left one room. One small 10x10 room to use as guest room/home office/craft room/storage/whatever else we may need it for. We made do. Although at times it was not a pretty site. There are no basements here in Houston and our small attic above the garage does not hold very much. Therefore we were forced to seriously down size our pile of "stuff" (which turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I feel very cleansed and in control now that we don't have a whole bunch of crap sitting around in boxes collecting dust!) since it all pretty much had to fit in one walk-in closet and on some shelves in the garage.

So, we basically used whatever closet space we could for storage. This small room also held a full-size bed, computer desk, filing cabinet and other miscellaneous items. I hated it. I hated the clutter and the chaos. It just never looked right. I felt bad when we had guests over and they had to sleep in that room. I certainly wouldn't want to sleep there. And, I also hated that we had a bed that was only used a few times a year taking up what little "free" space we had in the house.

One day I had enough. Of Aidan's toys all over the living room. Of that stupid extra room full of crap. It was time for a change. Jason came home from work and I told him we were putting the bed out on the curb. I had decided to make our extra room a playroom for Aidan. He's get so much use out of it. Much more than we were getting out of it at the present.

Here's the room as it looked on the day we said goodbye to our bed. I haven't looked back since. The desk was moved into a nook in our master bedroom and we now blow up a queen size air mattress for our guests. We bought a beautiful red rug on sale at Home Depot. It was a start. That meant atleast Aidan could play on the floor in there.

It also meant that his toys were all over the floor!

I knew that I wanted a jungle theme for his playroom, but I wanted to take my time and really think about how I wanted it to look. Because eventually this will become his bedroom. That is, after we get around to having baby number 2.

Yesterday Jason moved the bookshelf that was in Aidan's room into his playroom. He anchored it to the wall to ensure the little man wouldn't pull it down on top of himself. Then I headed out to visit some of my favorite places to find a solution to this toy dilemma.

I came home with some of these from Garden Ridge. I love that place! I bought 4 smaller bins at $6.99 a piece and one large bin for $9.99.

Then I stopped at Hobby Lobby to pick up these guys. ($1.99 a piece) I had been eyeing them for awhile, but wasn't sure how I could use them...

How cute are they?

My idea was to glue the cute little wooden animals to the bins that will hold his toys. Finally I could start to incorporate a jungle theme into the playroom!

All I did was take out my hot glue gun and attack the backs of those little critters with glue. Don't worry, it didn't hurt them. I promise.

Next I pressed them onto the bins and held them firmly there for about a minute to ensure that they were glued on tight.

And voila! Cute bins to store lots of baby toys... and I mean LOTS of baby toys!

I love how they turned out!

I've also found the artwork for the walls at a fabulous etsy shop. What do you think?

And these frames I found on clearance at Home Goods will be a good touch on top of his bookshelf.

I've decided that I want to get a polka dot valance for the window. I just haven't found the right fabric yet. But, I'm on the prowl! (I'm thinking something like this shower curtain I've found at Target.)

So far Aidan really likes his new playroom. And so do I! I can't wait until it's finally finished!

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  1. LOVE.IT. Absolutely adorable. I'm green with envy over here!


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