Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cards

So not too long ago, I wrote about a great deal that Shutterfly was giving to us bloggers and twitterers (is that a word?). They were generously giving 50 FREE photo cards to anybody who blogged or tweeted about their giveaway and then linked back up to them with the proof.

Today I ordered my cards. I narrowed it down to about 13 different designs and then had Jason come and take a looksy. He vetoed about half of them. A few minutes later we had decided on our Christmas card. Yay!

After I entered my code at checkout for the free cards, it gave me my total (around $8.00 for shipping and handling) and then had my savings on this order at the bottom.



Can you believe it?

I saved over $100 on these cards simply by writing a blog post about it! If you were in my bedroom you would've seen me doing a little happy dance. Then you would have laughed. Anyway...

Seriously people, if you haven't all ready done so, write a freakin' post about the giveaway! It'll be worth it!

Trust me.

Afterall, the most wonderful time of the year is always better when you get things for free!


  1. Wow! That's awesome. I picked up some cards at Target and Wal-Mart this year. Now I just need to address and mail them!

  2. I just did my post for Shutterfly because of you! So, THANK YOU for passing on the awesome deal. We're doing a photo shoot this weekend and we're going to use one of the family photos for our card.


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