Sunday, November 14, 2010

The curious case of baby Aidan

Aidan is such a joy. He is so incredibly curious and loves to discover new things that he can do.
It doesn't take too much to entertain him these days, which is both good and bad for us.

It means that if he's fussy we can show him just about anything and he is fascinated by it.

The downside? That he IS fascinated by everything. Which means he wants to touch, inspect, hold, mouth and drool all over anything he can get his little hands or mouth on.

His favorite thing to do these days is to pull himself up. On chairs, the dogs, us, the toilet, bookshelves, baby gate, anything he can!

And he definitely knows what he wants. He'll spy something and be determined to get his paws on it.

He never...
takes his...
eyes off...
the prize!
The boy loves remotes!

1 comment:

  1. What IS it about the remote control?? Those are great action shots you got!


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