Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dirty looks and the evil eye

Sorry LOTR fans, not THIS evil eye....

Yesterday Aidan and I went out to lunch with some friends of ours: a mother and a baby the same age as he is. We went to Olive Garden. Yummy salad, breadsticks, pasta and great conversation! The babies were a bit fussy, as it was time to eat and they had just been at Gymboree and had worked up quite an appetite.

We were just minding our own business, tending to our boys and enjoying each others company when Aidan let out a loud screech. Yes, he screeches. It's his newest vocalization. It's loud and high pitched and not the most pleasant sound in the world. But, I deal with it. He's not doing anything wrong, he's not upset and I find no reason to punish or scold him simply for making noise.

Apparently the woman sitting behind us did not agree. Enter the Queen of dirty looks and the evil eye. She was ridiculous.

Her back was to me, so I really didn't notice that Aidan's noises were bothering her at first. Then she started to make it pretty obvious that she wasn't happy that my 9-month old was sharing the same air as she was.

I couldn't find pictures to do her looks justice, so I tried to imitate.

First up, the eye roll.
Followed by the glare.
Then there's the evil eye.

And finally, my favorite.... the look of death.

I mean, come on lady! He's a baby. Can't he just be a baby? We're at the OLIVE GARDEN. It's not some fancy 5 star steakhouse. It's the Olive Garden. On a Friday afternoon. At 1 o'clock. Get real.

It was so incredibly irritating to me. Because, she definitely looked like she could be, or one day will be, somebody's grandmother. How will she react when her grandchild gets to this phase? Will she smack him? Will she be ashamed of his behavior? Will she expect him to stay at home since he's not fit to be seen in public? I certainly hope none of the above!

Never will I be that Mom who stays at home and hides because my child isn't perfect. He is beautiful, intelligent and learning new things everyday. This is what he has recently learned and he wants to show it off to the world! Deal with it.

So, what did I do to this lady who kept looking at my child as if she wanted to murder him?

I simply smiled.

And smiled.

And smiled.

If you know me, well that's just what I do. Yea, I usually have a bit of an attitude as well. But, in this situation, smiling just seemed like the best option! I'm not going to apologize for my baby. Why should I?

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What did you do?


  1. I probably would have said something snarky and then hit her.

    No ... just joking. But, in my head, that's what I would've done.

    Honestly, I'd probably turn Norah around and have her wave hi to the mean look lady and try to win her over. LOL!

    But, now, I'm craving Olive Garden. Thanks a lot. ;)

  2. P.S. Your eyebrows look awesome.


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