Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grandpa D's Visit


This is a seriously long post. You should probably go pop a bag of popcorn or something....

It's been over a week since I last wrote anything... and boy do I have lots to post about! I don't even know where to begin.

So, I guess I will start with my Dad's visit. This was his first time visiting us in Houston, so we were all looking forward to it. It was nice to have him here on his own, because I know if my Mom came he wouldn't have been able to spend nearly as much time with Aidan as he did.

My Dad is a history buff. Okay, a history freak. He LOVES it.

There were a lot of things he wanted to see while he was down here and there was literally no way to fit it all in on one visit. My parents plan on coming down in March for a week long visit so we can tackle the rest of my Dad's agenda.

The day of his arrival Aidan and I picked him up at the airport. I then treated him to a lunch of Texas Barbecue. He loved it! You can't come to Texas and NOT try it! He was amazed by how large Houston is (seriously people, it's insanity!) and wanted to drive all over. I took him around a small part of the NW side of town and we ended up touring a gorgeous model home. Then we went home to greet Jason as he came back from work. That evening was spent talking late into the evening.

On Wednesday, Aidan and I took Grandpa D to one of our favorite places to walk. We walked around some beautiful lakes and by the 2nd mile we were pretty hot. The temperature was all ready in the 90s and the humidity was horrible! We sat down to rest for a little bit, then pushed Aidan in the swing. After our walk we met Jason at home and headed out to view the Battleship Texas. It is the only surviving ship that fought in both WWI and WWII and is anchored east of Houston. My Dad was in the Navy, so he was EXTREMELY excited to check out the ship. It was really interesting... but very HOT!

We were probably on the ship for almost 3 hours. There weren't a lot of people about, so we got a 'behind the scenes' tour from one of the docents. My Dad was in heaven! I stayed up top with Aidan while Jason and Dad went down into the "bowels" of the ship.

My Dad actually slept on a bad like that. Right in the middle of a hallway! HECK NO!

This is where you stored ALL of your things. This teeny little space. I've gotta hand it to our servicemen, not only do they defend our country, but they do so in less than desirable conditions!

Aidan was a great sport, but I knew he was hot and tired. Jason took him back to the car for some much needed A/C while Dad and I stayed on the ship a bit longer. He had a lot of fun playing in the car with his Daddy!

Thursday we headed out early. Our destination? The Alamo. Remember... he's a history freak! On our way out of town we stopped to pick up some kolaches for breakfast. These little bread pockets of goodness are all over the city, and we had to get some for Dad to try. Yum-o! After a 3-hour drive to San Antonio, we arrived at this most important Texas landmark. And, of course, my Dad said what everybody does when they first see it, "That's it?!". Unfortunately, there isn't too much left of the original structure. Just one small part of a wall, the hospital wing and the mission itself. I did take a lot of pictures of their BEAUTIFUL gardens, which I will post later.

Then we went for a stroll along the famous Riverwalk. Which proved to be quite challenging, as it was not very stroller/handicap accessible.

We then had a LONG drive home that I was not looking forward to. Aidan was good baby all day, but I knew he was antsy, tired and bored. Since he can now crawl, he was not happy to be in a stroller and then put back into his carseat. For the last hour of our 3 hour drive home, he cried. I was exhausted, he was exhausted and just done. We will not be doing that EVER again. If we do go back to San Antonio, we'll be sure to stay overnight. I felt so bad for the little man.

Friday I desperately wanted a day of normalcy. No running around like crazy people. I wanted Aidan to be able to play, take a nap and just go about his normal business. Which is exactly what happened. I did take Dad to my work to meet everybody and then we went to the grocery store. We also bought pumpkins and carved them later that night.

I carved a bat and Dad carved a silly face wearing a derby hat. We did a pretty good job, I'd say!

Saturday we went to River Oaks,"where the big houses are", near downtown Houston. We found a little park with a baby swing and got out of the car to stretch our legs. Aidan LOVES to swing. And now he really loves to swing with his Grandpa D! We all took turns pushing him on the swing and playing with him in the grass. Aidan had a great time!

Here's a video of Aidan swinging with Grandpa D. You can hear him squealing with delight!

Later that night we dressed up Aidan in his Halloween costume (more on that later!) and headed to a little Halloween party. This child's party quickly turned into an adult party. We all had a great time! The babies all fell asleep, except for Aidan (of course!), so we ended up leaving around 10:30.

Sunday we headed down to Galveston for most of the day. After having ice cream at our favorite place down there, Jason and Dad decided to play a game of chess.

Aidan watched for a bit, then decided to get in on the action. He loved those chess pieces!

After that we walked around downtown to take a look at all of the historic buildings. We even found the tallship Elissa, which we didn't even know was there! Grandpa D really liked looking at it!

We also went down to the seawall so that Aidan could dip his toes in the water.

It was a beautiful day!

That evening we came back and put Aidan in his second costume and took some pictures by the pumpkins. He was pretty tired and just wanted to go to bed!

On Monday Grandpa D had to go back to Ohio. We went to the bookstore in the morning before he had to leave and both he and Aidan left with a book. :)

We had such a great time with Grandpa D and hope he comes back to visit soon! We are so excited to see him in 6 weeks when we make the trip up to Ohio for the holidays!

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  1. What fun you guys had! I am glad you got to spend time with your dad and see ALL the historical sites in Texas! ha:) Aidan sure was cute in all the pictures!


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