Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm a hoarder and I didn't even know it!

I'm sure you've seen the show "Hoarders." Come on, I don't even have cable and I'VE seen it! I always find it rather bizarre that most of the people featured on this show don't think they have a problem. They deny that they are hoarders even though they are sitting in rooms crammed with trash, newspapers, rotting foods and dead cats. *shudder*

Well, I happened upon my own hoarding stash the other day. And I really didn't know how bad it was. Here's the damage...

Those big bags are PACKED. I bet I had easily over 200 plastic grocery bags in there. How on Earth did ALL of those bags fit into that small spot under my kitchen sink? I've always saved them because I do use them.... You know, for our little trash cans, cleaning the litter box, picking up after the dogs in the yard and occasionally for a huge blowout, courtesy of Aidan.

I'm a bit embarrassed about this. I mean, I could always just use the reusable bags. I own some! Never in a million years would I have been able to use all of those plastic bags! So, I got rid of almost all of the bags and I'm now much more conscious about them. I have been trying to take the reusable bags into the store so that this doesn't happen again!

On a slightly related note... My sink was pretty messy underneath. So I decided to clean it out and organize it a little bit.



Much better!

Do you have a hoarding problem that you're not aware of? Come on... I bet you do!

Your friendly neighborhood bag lady,

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