Friday, November 12, 2010

It's a vinyl thing

I'm just gonna be blunt here. I really don't like my canisters anymore. They were a gift from my Mom about 6 years ago, I think. And that is the reason why I kept them for so long, even though I really felt they were "dragging my kitchen down"... waaaay down... I just felt I couldn't part with them since they were a gift. But then I had a reality check. I shouldn't keep something I didn't like anymore simply because somebody GAVE them to me. So what?!

You see, I like a beach cottage-y feel for my home. But I like things subtle. These canisters are anything but... doncha think?

They really stand out in my kitchen. I dont want that. And unfortunately there was no way to hide them in the pantry.
I really like these canisters... But it seems like EVERYBODY was doing the same thing. Clear canisters labeled with either vinyl or chalkboard paint. Did I mention that I love vinyl? Like, I LOVE it. I'm contemplating decorating half of my house with it. Seriously. It's kinda creeping me out.


House of Smiths

Anyway, I just wasn't sure what to do. I love the labeled look, but decided I wanted something a little different.... First off, I had to actually find canisters.
Luckily one of my many visits to Home Goods, I stumbled upon this set of 4 canisters for $12.99. They were in my cart before I could say "Mary Poppins!"

So now they were on my counter, taking up much less space and not looking so very lighthouse-y blue. I liked them. But they needed something!

Then I saw this on etsy. Love, love, LOVE!

I figured that if she could put them on a pretty blue pitcher, I could surely put some cute little birds on my canisters. Except it was $18.00 plus shipping for a set of 5. I wasn't willing to pay that much for some little birdies.... So, I waited.

Then, earlier this week on yet another trip to Home Goods, I found this. Do you know that they have vinyl now? Isn't Home Goods so hip?

I really wasn't into the whole red bird cage thing, but there are 5 little vinyl birds that come with this. And the whole set was only $4.99! Steal!

I had to wait until the evening to put them on my canisters, which is why the pictures suck. I had to take pictures right away, I was just SOO pleased with myself!

What do you think?

I love. Is it weird to have birds instead of labels on my canisters? What do you think of vinyl? Cute or cheesy?

Wanna see what other vinyl I'm into?

I'm really liking this for Aidan's room...

I'd change the colors of the birds and birdhouse, but I think it's so cute that you can put shelves up on the branches. It's going for $88.00. Not bad considering it'll take up quite a bit of wall space.

And I also LOOOOOOOOVVVE this for his playroom...

It's massively huge! His room is 10x11 and this would take up every wall. The tree alone would take up the only whole wall in the room. I think it's super cute. It's also a little pricey at $185.00. But I figure it's a good investment, right?

(You can click on the etsy pictures for links to their sites)

What do you think? Too busy? Just right? Am I nuts?

Well, it's time for this vinyl freak to get ready for the weekend... Aidan and I have a playdate at Gymboree followed by lunch, tomorrow we have another playdate, followed by helping friends move and Sunday is devoted to cleaning, football and lounging around the house.

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Happy Friday!


  1. Oh my word. I LOVE VINYL but have yet to put it in our house or on our walls. The canisters? LOVE THEM. I'm a big fan of birds and trees and owls so the other two pictures/ideas? LOVE THEM, TOO. For once, I'm glad we don't live near each other because I think the two of us could be VERY dangerous if we shopped together. :)

  2. Gosh durn, I have GOT to visit a Home Goods. I found out there is one about an hour from me.

    I loooooove vinyl too. LOVE IT! If I had a Cricut, I'd cover my entire house with vinyl. LOOOOVE IT!

    I think your canisters are adorable!! Great idea!

    I'm here from Amanda's party.

  3. Very cute! I've yet to try a vinyl project. I'm visiting from Amanda's party.

  4. Hi, Emily! I LOVE your canisters!!! What an awesome update for your kitchen. I love the vinyl, but I am way too cheap to spend $180+. I love the look though. :) Thanks so much for linking to my party. I hope you'll come back again soon. :)


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