Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cookies, Crafts, Walking and a Baby Volcano

Earlier this week Aidan and I spent the day with some friends. I had organized a cookie exchange and a craft for the kiddos in our Mom's group and my friend Jamie was gracious enough to host it at her house.

The craft was a bit of a "messy" one for the babies, although everybody's turned out beautifully! They will be given as gifts to Daddies and Grandparents for Christmas. I can't show you exactly what we did, but I will do a post later (after Christmas) with instructions on how you can do this yourself! It really was a great craft for the babies to do!

We ended up having to take off their clothes so they wouldn't get dirty. There were diaper-clad babies everywhere!

The kids had a great time playing with each other as the Mommas finished up their projects for them.

Aidan and I arrived at Jamie's early to set up everything. He was a little upset that I wasn't paying attention to him and starting crying. Once again his separation anxiety is getting the best of him. But, he really wanted his Mommy and he actually took his first steps so that he could get to me! He took two steps and then had to grab onto the cupboard for support. I was so proud of him! He hasn't done it since. I guess he just needs to be really upset in order to walk!

When we first arrived I realized that Aidan had vomited on himself in his carrier. I thought that maybe he had too much to eat earlier and his stomach just got upset. So we threw his clothes and his carseat liner into the washing machine and I changed him into his extra clothes I had brought. He didn't have a fever or diarrhea and was acting like his normal self.

Later on in the day after I fed him some lunch he threw up again. A LOT! And it was on Jamie's carpet. Immediately all of our friends sprung into action to clean up the carpet and Aidan. Then he threw up again on another part of the carpet. Poor baby!

My friend Tonya held him as I got all of our things together so we could leave. He threw up on her an additional 3 times. Poor baby Aidan. Tonya dubbed him "baby volcano."

I called his Pediatrician on our way home and they advised Pedialyte/Gatorade for 24 hours. They thought that it was most likely at 24-hour stomach virus. My little man was not a happy camper. He wanted to EAT! and would get upset pretty much every time he came near me because he wanted me to breastfeed him.

Luckily we were able to get through this 24 hour fiasco without anymore vomiting or major meltdowns from my hungry boy. He never had a fever or diarrhea or acted like he felt sickly. I'm so happy that he feels better.

This is the first time that Aidan was ever actually "sick" and luckily it wasn't too rough for him. He felt good enough a few days later to join his friends for a fun time at the Children's Museum! More on that tomorrow.... :)

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  1. Two steps!!!! Wow! I'm so glad he's feeling better- it's so hard to watch your baby being sick. And after the museum, James passed right out in the car! I think I need to take him again- he loved it so much. It was great to get to hang out with you and the girls:)


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