Saturday, December 4, 2010

Feeding frenzy

At Aidan's 9 month check-up earlier this month we were told by his Pediatrician that we really needed to focus on feeding him all different types of food. Mainly finger food, if possible. Apparently the period between 9 and 12 months is crucial to a baby's food preferences. He told us that after a child turns a year old they will be less willing to try different foods.

I have to tell you that this made me a little stressed out. The pressure is on. Atleast, I feel like it's on.

Friends tell me that this isn't the biggest of deals. In fact, some of my friends with children the same age as Aidan have not been given these guidelines by their Pediatricians.

What's a Mama to do?

I honestly feel that it's best for Aidan, and for me, to feed him as many different foods as possible. It's a good thing to have a well-rounded palette.

I also don't want to have that kid who only eats orange food. You know, macaroni & cheese, chicken fingers and goldfish. No. Way.

So far I've been doing my best to give him "big people" food that Jason and I eat. He's had fajitas, ravioli, stuffed chicken breast, and a variety of other foods. He even feasted on turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes and cranberries at Thanksgiving.

One word of warning for my friends about to embark on a similar journey... The mess is unbelievable!

Aidan's favorite foods so far?


And berries!

What foods does/did your kiddo like to eat at Aidan's age?


  1. The idea of giving N saucy type finger foods makes me twitch ... so far, we've only done nice, clean things. *sigh*

  2. Maya liked Indian food a lot at that age- specifically saag paneer and aloo gobi! I think because it's "fun" to eat! And of course she loves fruit, especially mangos and whole bananas (she wouldn't eat them mushed once she reached Aidan's age). Maya also really liked Mexican food at that age, and you probably have a MUCH better selection of that in your area than we do! Oh, and as for a CLEAN finger food, frozen peas and edamame are a favorite- sounds gross to me, but it must feel good on their gums.

  3. Oh my gosh, we haven't done that at all yet- I'm still feeding James with a spoon! I'll have to chat with you about this:)


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