Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve

It's amazing that the year is over. I honestly have a hard time believing that today is New Year's Eve. I think that my Grandma and Mom were right when they said that time goes by so much faster once you have children. I wonder what other things they said that I blew off with a "whatever" and now would find that they were right about..?

Tonight Jason and I are ordering in some Chinese with friends and just hanging out. No big extravaganza for us, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I've always felt that New Year's Eve was a bit of an overrated holiday. All of that standing around in a cold, crowded bar with a bunch of drunks breathing down your neck. And for what? For the chance at kissing somebody and to tell them "Happy New Year?" No thanks! I'm happy with a few friends, a pint of hunan chicken and my little family by my side. :)
Besides, last NYE was spent on our couch in Houston. My 9-months pregnant body was desperately struggling to stay awake. I failed. Jason had to wake me up at midnight, kiss me and send me to bed!

And anyway, Jason and I went out last night for a "small" Schroder sibling get-together. Yea, did I mention that we rented a party van? And didn't get home until 3 am? Pictures to follow so that I can document our fabulous night! After that experience that was no way I was going to go out tonight!

So, whatever it is that you might be doing tonight, however you choose to ring in the New Year, I hope it's fabulous!

Happy New Year's everyone!


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