Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playroom Curtains

I had mentioned before that I was on the prowl for just the right fabric to make Aidan's playroom curtains. Well, earlier this week I found it!

Hobby Lobby was having 30% off of their fabric, so 2 yards of this lovely print was under $10.00. Score!

I should mention now, that I don't sew. I currently don't own a sewing machine and I am not the most talented gal when it comes to using a needle and thread. So, to make these curtains all I needed was the fabric, and these bad boys...

I started by rolling out the fabric to see what I was dealing with. I had it folded in half lengthwise. I should also note that I was attempting to finish this project while Aidan was napping, so no I did not iron this beforehand. No biggie, right?

There were some frayed ends that I needed to take care of. So, with the help of my rusty, trusty glue gun I got down to business.

I simply folded in the ends on each side. I could've measured, but I didn't. And then started gluing away.

I made sure to glue each layer separately, so that it wouldn't come undone and hang funny when I was finished.

Then I folded up one of the long ends of the curtain that had the fabric edge. Again, I used the same technique of gluing each layer separately.

I maybe waited about two minutes for the glue to dry. I'm impatient! I couldn't wait to hang this over his window! I started by tacking up one corner. Again, I didn't use a tape measure. They're so overrated!

Then I tacked up the other side. It looks about even, right?

The "middle" of the curtain was next up on the tacking job.

After that I just kind of eyeballed it until I got the effect I was going for.

What do you think? I really like it! Hobby Lobby also has some great frames that I am going to use on his walls. I want to get different colored ones to match the polka dots on his curtain. I'm thinking about green, blue, red and yellow.

This project was really cheap, easy and fun to do! I even managed to finish before Aidan woke up. Next I'm going to make curtains for our kitchen and breakfast room. I plan on using the same technique... I've just gotta keep my eye out for the right fabric!

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  1. I never thought about just tacking it into the wall! Good idea and much easier than measuring/installing a curtain rod. Love the fabric!


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