Thursday, December 9, 2010

White wreath(s)

Oh how I love my wreaths! I 100% stole this idea from The Nester. They are so gorgeous and I'm happy to say that I can use them year round!

I think it took me about an hour per wreath (I made two) and the total cost for both was under $9. Can't get better than that!

All you need:

glue gun
coffee filters
wreath base

I glued the ribbon to my wreath first to make sure it would be nice and tight and stay put. I actually sort of regret this now and will probably end up cutting it off so that I can use the wreath for other seasons.
Then I started glueing on the coffee filters. I used about 160 per wreath. I either folded them in quarters or eighths, just depended on the space I wanted to fill.

The wreath started to fill out quickly, and before I knew it, it was done!

I wanted a seasonal accent for it and found just the thing at the Dollar Tree. They had all kinds of pretty accents including glittery snowflakes, candles, red birds, snowmen.... I could go on and on! Aren't these poinsettias pretty? And what I love most is that they clip on, so I didn't have to glue them and ruin the wreath if I wanted to take them off!

The finished products:
And just so you can see how big they are...

(Please excuse how awful I look in this picture. It was late. I was tired. And icky.)

I got the idea to hang them on our bookshelves from my most recent edition of Southern Living. But for the life of me, I can't find a picture of it on their website! :(

(Looks much better in person... trust me!)

Oh, and just a warning for those of you about to embark on this or any other adventure with your glue guns....

Beware of dogs who may be underneath you and you don't know it. Especially when you are putting a new stick into your gun and hot glue spurts out the tip and lands on the poor dog at your feet. Yea. That happened to me. Twice. Once for each of my dogs. Ouch! Luckily it just got on their fur and not their skin. But, we had to use the clippers and buzz the glue clumps out. Not fun!

Anyway, go make one! You know you want to... :)

P.S. We are FINALLY getting a new camera! *enter hallelujiah chorus* I'm so excited. Jason and I are both sick of taking crappy pictures with our dying point and shoot camera. While it's been good to us over the years, it's time for something better. I cannot wait to put our new baby (once it's purchased) to good use!!

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