Sunday, January 9, 2011

{Aidan is 11 Months Old}

I honestly cannot believe that he is almost one year old. One month away from being with us for an entire year! Aidan is growing by leaps and bounds. Everyday is new, fresh and full of adventure for my little man.

I am amazed by what he understands and by all of the new things he is learning everyday. Here's an update on our baby boy!

* He crawls SUPER fast! Blink and you'll miss him cruising by.
* Aidan takes a lot of steps and loves to walk. He thinks it's funny and always laughs as he's doing it. The most steps he has taken at one time is 12.
* He is trying lots of new foods. Some of his old favorites, such as blackberries and strawberries, he won't even touch anymore.

* He has a game he plays when he's eating where he tilts his head to the side, then wants you to copy him. He gets such a kick out of it!

* Aidan can say Mama, Dada and "ki" for kitty.
* He claps his hands when he is happy or likes something.
* Aidan gives kisses, high fives, and the "rock."

* He knows the signs for "eat", "more" and "milk." We are working on "please."
* Aidan waves hello and goodbye to people.
* He loved riding on his cousin's lion while we were visiting Ohio. Little did he know he was getting his own John Deere tractor to ride on from Gram for Christmas! It is one of his favorite toys.

*He can climb stairs very well. We never knew this until we went to Ohio because we do not have stairs in our home. Boy am I grateful for that!

* Aidan loves men, especially his Papa and his Grandpa D.

* He is getting over his anxiety and is now enjoying being around other people.
* Aidan can recognize people he knows in pictures and on Skype.
* He loves other kids and enjoys playing games with them. One of his favorites is having them "chase" him.
* Aidan received a ball pit from Santa for Christmas and loves to take his toys in there and play. He plays for hours on end and never seems to tire, until it's nap time. Boy does he wear us out!

* He also loves to "clean up" his toys. He'll take all of the toys out of a bin or some of the balls out of the pit and put them back one by one.
* Aidan enjoys helping us, too. He "helps" load and unload the dishwasher, feed the dogs, give the dogs treats and if he hears the refrigerator open he is over there as fast as his little knees will take him. He likes to "help" me take things out of the fridge or to put them away.

In a little less than a month we'll be having a small birthday party for our little man! It's been such a joy watching him develop into a little boy. We can't wait to see what this coming year holds for him!


  1. Okay, first off, it looks like there is a baby in a cage in the background of your first picture and it's creeping me out.

    Second, HE IS ADORABLE. Besides the walking, his current stuff sounds like N! :) Don't ya love that head tilt? N does it, too.

    They're meant to be.

  2. There is a baby in a cage! It's Jason's Mom's creepy baby doll, Olivia. She gives me the heebie jeebies!

  3. He is doing SO much! 12 steps!!! Holy cow! Don't you just love all the "help"?! :)


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