Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Isn't it incredible?

I was thinking about something the other day... and I've realized that my thought is actually a reality.

Technology scares me.

Please stop laughing. Seriously, it does.

Not in the "oogie boogie" way, but in the "I have no idea what I'm doing with high-tech things half the time and it makes me uncomfortable and feel slightly stupid" way.

For instance, back when I was in High School, I could find my way around a computer fairly well. I knew simple HTML and could "fix" things when our home computer was on the fritz.

Now? Well, thank God for Jason because it's a minefield out there! He is excellent with anything electronic (I guess that's why he's an electrical engineer!) and is always the one to handle these types of "situations" in our house. As a result, I am a clueless Cassie. (I made that lil' name up, pretty cute, eh?)

For Christmas Jason got me a Wii. Yay! I love it. I can now play Super Mario Bros. to my heart's content. Life is good. But, if anything ever would happen to my lil' red box of fun, I'd have NO clue how to fix it.

We also have an XBox 360 and a PS3. We use them to stream Netflix instantly into our home. It's fabulous. Yesterday I wanted to put on The Backyardigans for Aidan (we watch it through Netflix since cable isn't in our budget at the moment) and it said something was wrong with our Internet connection. I had no idea how to fix it and decided I'd walk myself through the "helpful" troubleshooting option that the XBox was offering me. Let's just say I was lost in a matter of minutes. Poor Aidan didn't get to watch his Backyardigans. :(

Another great Christmas present I received was from my Mom. A Silhouette machine. Hurray! Jason finally got it all set up over the weekend. It's sitting here waiting for me to get crafty and start making beautiful projects with. I'm scared. Really scared. What if I break it? I was taking a look at the software, and it's a bit complicated. I'm not saying that I won't use it, but I'm a little terrified to take that first jump into the unknown.

Which brings me to today's dilemma. At approximately 3pm a FedEx truck will be pulling up to our home. It will contain a package for me. A package that I dearly want. But a package that I am also deathly afraid of. What's in this package you ask?

Isn't she beautiful? *sigh*

Yes folks, I have a Droid Incredible hTC coming my way this afternoon. And I'm freaked out! You see, I'm a Smartphone virgin. I've had an account with Verizon for over 11 years and have managed without one this entire time. Sure it takes me 10 minutes to type a simple text message with my less than user-friendly "keyboard", but I've managed just fine all these years.

But, I've finally decided that it's time I put on my big girl pants and get myself a big girl phone. I know lots of people who have Droids, iPhones, etc and absolutely love one. So, in a moment of "But I want one, too!" Jason ordered me one. I was up for a new phone and we got a great deal on this baby, so it all worked out just swimmingly.

Now I've just got to suck it up and figure out how to use this bad boy.

I'm sure I'll love it...

But, maybe you should send me your phone number just in case. So I can put it in my real address book. In case I'm unsure of how to find my contact list in my new phone.....


  1. Cute blog! I found you through Honey We're Home. Technology scares me too! Ok, here's a little secret...I don't really know how to use itunes or download much of anything.

    Welcome to the world of smartphones, you'll never want to go back to a regular phone. I would laugh at people checking their emails constantly..now I am one of them. I too prefer the wii, the PS3 controllers confuse me. Too many buttons! Oh yea, I'm from the big hot state of Texas too!

    Take care! -Angelica

  2. YES, the Silhouette software is kind of a bear to figure out, but if you pay close attention to the instructions, you can figure out simple stuff. That's what I did. ;)


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