Monday, January 24, 2011

My Friday afternoon

1:00 pm: Aidan wakes up from his nap

1:03 pm: Try to hold down wiggling, jumping, giggling, squirmy baby as I attempt to change his dirty diaper.

1:04 pm: Baby puts foot in dirty diaper. Lovely.

1:10 pm: Give baby medicine 20 minutes before he can eat

1:12 pm: Unload dishwasher with "help" of baby. Grab butter knife out of baby's hands no less than 26 times.

1:30 pm: Put baby in highchair for lunch.

1:35 pm: Baby spits applesauce all over me when I make him laugh. (Probably not a good idea to make him laugh with food in his mouth. Rookie mistake, and a rookie I am not.)

1:45 pm: Baby signals end of lunchtime by dumping bowl of cheerios all over floor, then proudly holding empty bowl above his head. Victory!

1:50- 2:30 pm: Nonstop playtime with baby. Where does all this energy come from?! Mommy feels like walking dead and desperately needs a nap. And to fold laundry. And some lunch. And a pedicure, come to think of it.

2:31-2:35 pm: Mama smells a dirty diaper. Chases baby around the house, since baby can now walk, in an attempt to catch baby and change smelly diaper.

2:36 pm: Baby spits up on himself once Mama finally catches him. Now Mama must change dirty clothes and dirty diaper. Bliss.

2:37- 2:50 pm: Mama tries to control wiggly, squirmy, laughing, silly baby as she changes dirty diaper and wrangles dirty clothes off of his body.

2:51- 3:18 pm: Baby plays like a crazy boy, throwing toys, putting everything in his mouth, laughing, screaming and having a generally wonderful time.

3:19 pm: All of a sudden baby is displaying those wonderful signs that he is tired; rubbing eyes, laying head on Mama's shoulder and yawning. Mama is ecstatic!

3:20 pm: Breastfeed baby before naptime.

3:30 pm: Baby appears to be ready for bed.

3:31 pm: Lay baby in crib.

3:31 and 30 seconds: Baby screams bloody murder in crib because he does not want to take a nap even though he is extremely tired and is falling over while he attempts to walk, rubs eyes and is exhibiting all other signs that he is sleepy.

3:32- 3:45 pm: Mama lets baby scream. Maybe he'll get tired.

3:46 pm: Get baby out of crib. Baby's head instantly lays on Mama's shoulder and he is quiet. Mama sings songs, rubs his back and walks him around the room.

3:55 pm: Lays baby back in crib.

3:55 and 30 seconds: Baby screams bloody murder. Mama considers making herself a cocktail. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

4:00 pm: Mama goes back in to calm soothing baby. Repeats same steps in time frame 3:46 pm.

4:10 pm: Mama lays baby back down again.

4:10 and 30 seconds: Baby screams bloody murder. Mama gives in and let's baby come out of room to play.

4:15 pm: Mama goes to change out laundry while baby plays in living room. Baby is suddenly quiet. Mama goes out to investigate.

4:16 pm: Mama finds baby standing over dog dish, hands and mouth full of dog food. Baby smiles up at Mama and offers her a handful. Yum, yum. Mama has to smile at baby, even though she is disgusted. What is it about dog food? Seriously.

4:17 pm: Wipe off baby and fish dog food out of his mouth. Somehow there were 4 BIG pieces crammed into one tiny little mouth. Amazing.

4:18- 4:32 pm: Mama folds laundry with baby's assistance. This consists of baby walking off with underwear, socks and various other clothing articles while Mama tries to fold things and put them out of baby's reach as soon as possible. A 5 minute task suddenly turns into a 15 minute one.

4:33- 5:00 pm: Playtime commences again. Baby wants Mama to read to him. She chooses one of baby's favorite books, "Eight Silly Monkeys". Mama reads baby the book while he pulls on it, crawls around the room and then comes back and tries to kiss it. Baby signs "more" atleast 10 times and Mama obliges. She is sick of that book. Really sick of it.

5:00 pm: Daddy comes home.

5:01 pm: Mama takes a nap.

The End.

I am happy to report that this afternoon is going much better than Friday's. I really needed the whole weekend to recover. Seriously.

Aidan and I had a nice lunch together at Panera followed by some browsing at Home Goods. He is now babbling himself to sleep in his crib and I am about to attempt to take down my Christmas decorations.

Yes, you read that correctly. Oh well... nobody's perfect, right?'

Ooh and be sure to check back tomorrow for my first ever giveaway courtesy of CSN Stores. :)


  1. Still laughing ... so funny. These little ones sure give us a run for our money, don't they? It's normal for me to be dripping with sweat after trying to wrangle N's diaper off, wrangle a clean one on, and change her clothes all while trying to avoid her falling off of the changing table, eating lotion, or squirting desitin all over me (all of which have happened). It's an aerobic workout.

  2. Oh how I remember those days. I've always said that being a mother is the HARDEST job in the world, but the MOST REWARDING! They grow up sooo fast. Take care and I hope you're enjoy your much needed nap!


  3. Sounds like a fun and busy afternoon. I can't wait to spend my afternoons playing with my little one! :-)


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