Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reflections and Resolutions

As I look back on all the events that unfolded in 2011, it's almost mind boggling to believe that it was only ONE year. Somehow time has simply flown by, and all the moments we spent together just seem so very plentiful. Which makes me smile.

I feel so very privileged to have the opportunity to spend everyday with my boys. I realize that this is something that I take for granted from time to time. And I shouldn't. They will grow up so quickly. One day I won't be able to hold them in my arms and rock them to sleep. One day they won't want me to read them stories while they sit contentedly in my lap. And with that being said, one of my resolutions  this year is to cherish all of the time I have with my little men. To live in the moment. To put aside things that I may deem important at the time. Because, frankly, who cares if the laundry is folded or if the dishwasher needs to be loaded? Those aren't the things that matter. Spending time with my two greatest treasures should be at the top of my list.

Our 2011 was filled with so much joy, but there was also some heartache in there as well. When I try to recap all of our ups and downs, it's almost too much. I all ready feel that I'm forgetting things that happened this year. And I don't want to...

So, without further ado, here is our 2011 in review: (Sorry if it's boring to most, but this is more for my failing memory than anything else!)

Celebrated my 29th birthday (eek!). Found out on the 2nd that I was pregnant with Connor. I called Jason (who was driving back to Texas from Ohio) from my parents garage to let him know the news! Aidan is a walking machine at 11 months old.


Our sweet Aidan turned one and we celebrated with a Backyardigans birthday bash! My sister, Elizabeth, came down to celebrate with us.


Jason's parents came down for a few days to visit. Saw Zac Brown Band at the Houston  Rodeo.We announce to the world that Aidan is going to be a big brother!

My sister, Elizabeth, and her husband came down for Easter. Found out she was also newly pregnant and we bonded over being expectant Mamas and anticipating babies only one month apart. Aidan loves Easter egg hunts!

My brother and sister-in-law came down for a visit. Jason and I spent some much needed time away from Aidan in the form of a Jimmy Buffett concert. Aidan goes swimming in the Gulf for the first time.

Went to Ohio for a visit, which included big events including, my sister Natalie's college graduation and a surprise baby shower for Elizabeth. Aidan and Jason started "Daddy and Me" swim lessons.

Rented a condo on the lake with friends for the 4th. Aidan loves boats and went tubing for the first time! We finally get  renters in our Ohio house after having it sit vacant for over a year.

Jason and I get engaged on a weekend getaway to Lake Travis. Plans begin for a June 2012 wedding. Charlie started limping.


Connor is born on Labor Day after only 20 minutes of pushing! Aidan starts "school" and loves it. My Mom and then Jason's parents come for a visit and to meet baby Connor.

The boys dress as Winnie the Pooh and Tigger for Halloween. Charlie is diagnosed with cancer and has his leg amputated three days later.
Thanksgiving spent with our Texas family here in Houston. Charlie is hospitalized due to an infection contracted after surgery.

Aidan is a little lamb in his "school's" Christmas play. Jason's Grandpa becomes very ill and is hospitalized for almost the entire month. We plan a last minute trip home to spend some time with him and introduce our families to Connor. We are all sick over Christmas. Connor contracts RSV.


 All in all, a wonderful year... so many blessings, with some sadness thrown in for good measure. I am so very much looking forward to 2012. This will be the year that Jason and I get married, that Connor learns to walk, that Aidan's vocabulary will  explode and that we will lose our dear, sweet Charlie Brown. That last one is going to be heartbreaking, but there's no other way around it, unfortunately.

And for good measure, I am planning to ring in 2012 with some resolutions. Uncustomary for this girl, but I think it needs to be done. So, here they are...

1. As I mentioned above, to live in the moment when spending time with my family. It seems that I'm always checking out my phone, checking facebook or reading blogs when I should be snuggling on the couch, playing with legos or reading a book. So, I resolve to cherish our time together and to be in the moment.

2. To read more books. Not only for me, but with my children. Aidan LOVES books and I wan to instill that love of literature (be it Brown Bear, Brown Bear or Pride and Prejudice) in Connor, too.

3. To lose weight. Preferably before our wedding in June. I was looking into Weight Watchers last night and I think it may be just the thing to give me that extra push. My weekly yoga class just isn't cutting it, so I am looking into adding a step class and/or Zumba to my workout routine, as well.

4. I also have been contemplating going back to school. Originally  I was going to wait until the boys are older, but I've really got the learning bug. I have been thinking about taking one or two online classes starting this fall and I think I just may do it. Since it's the new year and all, I think I will go ahead and go back to school.

Have you made any resolutions this year? How did 2011 treat you?

Oh, and did I mention that I also turned 30 today? Yep, January 1, 2012 marks my entrance into a new decade. It's surreal... but also exciting. I'm really looking forward to see what 30 has in store for me. :)

Happy New Year!



  1. Happy Birthday friend! What a year and a wonderful one at that. We just found out that our 7 year old Rottweiler has bone cancer. We are just going to keep her comfortable since we have gone through this before. She's doing okay but she was and is our first "baby". Take care!

  2. OH NO! I missed your birthday. :( Happy birthday, sweetie!

  3. Happy Birthday (a day late!). I'm sorry for your sweet tri-pawed friend and pray you will find every day you still have with him a blessing.

    I used WW after Cate and had great success. I tried it again with Brennan, but didn't have as much success with the new points plus system b/c they said that if you're breastfeeding, your goal shouldn't be to lose weight. Ummm...really, so keeping on the extra pounds is healthy?

    Anyway, happy new year too!


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