Friday, February 25, 2011

Grill masters and pretty lights

If you know Jason and I, then you'll know that we love to grill out whenever we can. When we lived up North we would even grill in the winter. In our garage. With winter coats on. Yea, we're that extreme!

For Christmas this year Jason's parents even bought him this shirt because he is a man who really loves his grill.

A few nights ago Jason thought it was time that Aidan become his grill apprentice.

Much to Jason's chagrin, Aidan was much more interested in these super cool lights I recently bought on clearance at Tar-jay.

 Aren't they pretty? Now my two grill masters can grill by the glow of colorful lights! I'm looking for another set to put on the opposite side of our patio. I love these things!


  1. Your photos from the lanterns are gorgeous! Super colorful! Love them.


  2. Too cute! I actually need to get my hubs one of those shirts. Don't the boys just love poking around in the fire! :)
    Stopped over from Texas Blogging Gals


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