Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Big Boy

Last Tuesday, February 8th, my little man turned ONE! It is so incredibly hard to imagine. Where has the time gone? If seems like just yesterday I was holding my innocent, newborn babe in my arms. Now he is a wiggly, walking, babbling, wild little boy!


Aidan has grown by leaps and bounds in his one year of life. It's remarkable what children can learn in such a short time. He is a full-blown walker now and almost never crawls.

He adores his Daddy and gives him a hug everyday before he leaves for work and when he comes home in the evening. He also loves playing, swimming and initiating games of hide and seek with Mama during the day. He is still fixated with the dishwasher and loves to "help" me load/unload and close the door.

I stopped breastfeeding him about three weeks ago (we'll save this post for another day). It was very hard on me, but the little guy doesn't seem to miss it at all. He now drinks whole milk out of a cup and is extremely proud of himself when he can do it on his own. We have a new nightly routine that consists of a glass of warm milk, watching Baby Einstein and snuggling up with Mama. He has taken to this greatly and loves his nighttime TV show. 

Aidan has made so many wonderful little friends over the past year. We spent his actual birthday at one of their houses have a little playdate. He had so much fun playing with them!

Over the weekend Daddy put up Aidan's swing that he received from Aunt Ebeth and Uncle Aaron for Christmas. We now go out a few times everyday to swing! He is in heaven. It'll be fun to put up an actual swingset for him in a few years when he is old enough to play on it. :)

And lastly, Aidan has started doing the funniest thing. We are not sure when it happened (I guess in the last two weeks or so), but he now does a "special smile" and says "EEEEEE!" when we take his picture. We have always said, "Aidan say cheese!" and now he does! It is hysterical! Here are some of his "cheese" faces:

Happy Birthday, baby Aidan! :)


  1. Happy Birthday buddy! Love your cheese face.

  2. OH MY WORD. Aidan is ADORABLE! Look at that cheese! :) Happy belated birthday, little guy!


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