Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Week in Weather

I love living in Texas. Sometimes. But, this recent weather is wreaking havoc on everything from my sinuses to my plants. Here's how the week has played out so far...

Monday- Beautiful, sunny skies. Not a cloud in sight. High: 73 beautiful degrees! My facebook status: "I'm wearing a tank top and flip flops. What are you wearing?" Okay... I know it was a little snooty, and I'm sure my friends up North didn't appreciate it. But, hey, a girl has to brag every once in awhile. I chose to move away from the cold for a reason! In the later afternoon I treated Aidan to a trip to the park. I pushed him in the swing, then tried to see if he wanted to play on the playground. The slide was a success and he liked climbing the stairs. The little tunnel was a no-go. Overall, an extremely pleasant day.

Tuesday- It was 60 degrees at 6 am. By noon it had dropped to 38 degrees. What the *#$Q$%^???? Are you kidding me?? The sky was fooling me though, as it was still sunny and cloudless. Stupid sky. Aidan and I bundled up in winter coats (!) and headed to the bookstore. He got two new books and I got a hot chocolate and a piece of pumpkin cheesecake. Hee hee! Aidan had a great time toddling around the children's section, taking books off the shelves to "read" them and following the other kids around. One little boy actually started reading to him. Aidan liked him so much that he "pet" his head. Oh my sweet little man. *melt*

Tuesday Evening- Worst. night. of. sleep. ever! Jason was out of town, so I was left to my own vices. I don't do well staying in the house by myself when he isn't home. As I told my friend Mama Marchand, "Atleast I have two guns and two dogs to protect me!" (I can tell you that I never thought that phrase would come out of my mouth, EVER, until I moved to Texas.) Our heat is totally wacko and our house basically has no insulation. The bedrooms are really cold and the heater sucks cold air in so it always thinks that the house is colder than it is. As a result, Aidan was extremely restless and was making noise most of the night, either because he was too hot or too cold. I was out of bed no less than TEN times, adjusting the thermostat so that my poor little guy could get some sleep. I, on the other hand, had none. :(

Wednesday- Holy crap it's cold outside! The temperature with the windchill was about 12 degrees when I woke up. Brrrr.... The weathermen are in their element (ha ha, I'm so clever!) and are loving that they can actually report that snow is on the way! Snow! In Houston. In February. God help us. I did not go outside. I had some snarky comments from facebook friends asking if I was wearing a tank top and flip flops now. I guess that's what I get for being a brat on a social networking site. I napped during both of Aidan's naps to try to catch up on my sleep. Jason came home in the evening. He did some magical stuff with the thermostat and I had a decent night's sleep. Hurrah for my handyman! :)

Thursday- This morning the temps were in the 20s. Still really freakin' cold! Most of the schools are all ready announcing that they will be closed on Friday. And almost all of them are letting students out 2 hours early today. The snow is supposed to hit by 5 pm and continue throughout the night. This is crazy! Houston is not equipped to handle the 1-4 inches of snow that we are predicted to get. This is fairly laughable considering I grew up near Cleveland in the snowbelt. Four inches of snow is nothing. Nothing! But, we also had hundreds of salt trucks and endless piles of road salt on hand. Down here, notsomuch. It's a little scary since the ground is actually cold enough for the stuff to stick. The last two winters we've been here it snowed one day each year for about 3 hours. The ground was way too warm for the snow to stick and it was gone as soon as it arrived. This time? I think it'll be around for awhile...

Until Saturday. When the high is 60! Yep. 60. I don't think I signed up for this.

Maybe I'll go hang out in Key West for awhile....

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  1. Can I come to Key West too?? ;) Send the snow here...I need a day at home. I do hope you'll join the Crafty Cutter party so I won't be the only person there. Once I played around with it, it was fun.:)


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