Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Party, party, party!

On Saturday we threw Aidan a birthday party. We decided to rent out our neighborhood's community center for the event, rather than try to accommodate almost 30 people in our tiny house. It worked out wonderfully and the party was a hit!

We had a Backyardigans theme, since it is Aidan's favorite T.V. show. My friend Tonya even had a special shirt made for Aidan for the occasion. Isn't it adorable?

Since the kids that attended the party (there were 9 altogether, including Aidan) were so young, we didn't have any party games. Instead I just brought over a bunch of Aidan's toys for them to play with. That seemed to suit everybody just fine! The weather was absolutely beautiful, so the kids were also able to play on the playground that was right behind the community center. 

After everyone at all of the delicious food, it was time for Aidan to try his first cupcake!

 He wasn't so keen on the cupcake itself, but had a great time eating the all of the icing! He made quite a mess in the process!

 Afterward we had to clean him off in the sink. And change his cute little shirt. It was covered in blue icing!

 Then it was time to open presents. Aidan received so many wonderful gifts from his friends. A variety of books, clothes, shoes, toys and even a Pablo toy that my friend Jamie crocheted for him! I think his favorite was a set of balls from our friend Rhea. Aidan loves to play with Daddy's big football, now he has one his own size!
After presents we spent some more time outside. We couldn't have asked for better weather!

Soon, Aidan started getting pretty sleepy. His friends began saying their goodbyes and our little man needed to rest on Daddy for a bit. He also got some lovin' from Aunt Ebeth who came all the way from Ohio to spend his first birthday with him!

Aidan's first birthday party was a blast! He had a great time and I know all of our guests did as well. But, boy was it a lot of work! I never knew I could be so exhausted after a one year old's birthday party!

Below is a video of pictures that our friend Jason took of the party. There are a lot of great ones in there. It's about 4 minutes long, so if you don't want  to watch it won't hurt my feelings. Trust me! (the password is backyardigans)

Aidan's 1st birthday from J E on Vimeo.


  1. So cute! N likes the Backyardigans now, too. :)

  2. How fun Emily! Aiden looks so cute eating that cupcake! James' party is in two weeks:)


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