Thursday, March 31, 2011

Poppin' the Cherry

For Christmas the one thing I really, really wanted was a crafty cutter. A Silhouette, to be exact. When I opened up that big box from my Mom on Christmas morning I was ecstatic thinking of all of the beautiful things I could make with it....

Like these gorgeous, vinyl coasters from the Goodey Knot:

And this awesome, personalized subway art at Tatertots and Jello:

And how about these adorable onesies from Pink Stitches:

As soon as we got back from Ohio Jason set up my Silhouette on our desk. He knew how excited I was to put it to use right away.... except that I didn't. 

I'm ashamed to say that my poor, little Silhouette sat abandoned for over three months. Collecting dust. Literally.
Until last night! Jason wanted to do something jokey for his boss and he needed my Silhouette's help. So, I dusted her off and fired her up. And I found out that it was pretty easy to use. Much easier than I thought. I think the main reason that my crafty cutter sat unused for so long was that I was just afraid to use it. If I had only given myself a half hour of my spare time to figure out how to use her, I would've been pleasantly surprised at her user-friendliness.

So, my friends, as of today my Silhouette is no longer a virgin! I popped her cherry and I couldn't be happier.

I went out and bought some vinyl and transfer paper from Hobby Lobby and I'm hoping that I'm inspired soon to use it on an awesome project!

Who knows, maybe I'll even link up with Amanda's Craft Cutter Party in April! :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Bunnies

Over the weekend we were invited by some good friends to attend their neighborhood's Spring Fest. So Jason, Aidan and I headed over for a day full of fun and LOTS of sunshine! 

First I helped Aidan "hunt" for Easter eggs. (Please avert your eyes away from my incredibly pasty legs! Give me a few months and they will be wonderfully tan!)

After that we lined the kids up for some photo ops. It was hard but we managed to get a few decent shots!

It was a little windy out, but we were able to attempt some badmitton play. Aidan and his little friend, J,  also decided to join in on the fun! We also saw a magician, played in a bounce house and the Easter Bunny made an appearance, too!

It was hot, hot, hot! The temperatures got up to 87 degrees. So, we cooled off in the shade. After the Spring Fest we headed back to our friends house for a dip in the pool and some pizza.

It was a wonderful day. I'm so glad we were able to spend it with such great friends!

Monday, March 28, 2011


My little man LOVES to play with bubbles. We had some fun with the camera as he tried to "catch" the bubbles that I blew at him.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Getting To Know You- 3/27/11

Whew! I have had a fabulous weekend! I thought I'd top it off with some questions from Keely. :)

1. What inspires you?

Jason, Aidan, a beautiful picture, a creative idea, thoughtfully written words, colorful expressions and a sunshiny day.

2. What was the last thing you bought yourself?

I honestly have to think about this. There aren't too many things that I buy myself these days. Usually something for Aidan or for the house. After some thought I believe that my most "recent" purchase for myself was a shirt on clearance at Ann Taylor Loft. I bought it back in February. I think I need to treat myself more often!

3. Would you rather watch a movie in the theatre or from the comfort of your own home?

I LOVE going to the movies! Especially when it's a cool action movie that HAS to be seen on the big screen. But, I also love to watch movies from home. I like cozying up to Jason on the couch with a bowl of kettlecorn between us. :)

4. Household chore you don't mind doing?

The dishes. And I don't mind laundry as long as it doesn't get out of control!

5. Coffee or tea?

I like lattes and specialty drinks from Starbucks. Not a big tea drinker (I know, I know... I live in Texas. It's a sin not to love sweet tea down here!). But I did get a passion tea lemonade today from Starbucks and it was delish!

6. What could you eat everyday and not get sick of?

Claussen pickles, string cheese and spinach artichoke dip.

7.  What's the last book you read?

Chirpy chick. I read it to Aidan. About 8 times today. In a row. Ha ha!

8. Do you think you look you "look" your age?

Mmm.... I definitely look like I'm in my 20s. Would somebody peg me as a 29 year-old? I'm not so sure!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Parents vs. Non-Parents: Can't we all be friends?

A friend of mine, "Jackie", posted this as her facebook status yesterday:

"Dear parents, if your child is SCREAMING kindly remove yourself from the store so the rest of us shopping don't have to listen."

 (And with her permission I have decided to turn it into a blog post.)

At the time I was chatting with my lovely friend, Mama Marchand, and told her what my gal pal had written. She immediately said that I should say something. But, I decided I wanted to wait and see what others had written. And, boy oh boy, did she get the attention of others with that statement! 

Some who agreed with her:
"Ok, I have a LOT to say on the subject. Jackie, I totally agree with you... REMOVE the child. I am sorry but when I was young, we (me nor my 2 other siblings) would NEVER think of acting up in the store, know why? Cause we were actually DISCIPLINED! I got my share of smacks on the butt for misbehaving. That is what's wrong, parents are too stinkin afraid of DISCIPLINING their kids because they are so afraid of hurting feelings... this is something I could go on and on and on about but I think you get the picture"

"Ok. Being a mom I have to say I totally agree with my cuz Jackie here. My child knows better and if he ever acted inappropriatly we would be in the car with a quickness. Granted it all depends on age NB-3yrs, take the kid home cause he prob needs a nap. Anything older than that you need to let the child know who's in charge. To many parents are letting their kids take the lead and honestly its pretty sad."

Some who agreed with her and were rather snarky:
"Unfortunately, until the Entitled Parent Euthanization Program goes into effect, there's nothing we can do but listen to the screaming and the whining."

* This guy did leave some rather inappropriate comments, like the one above. Not sure why he got so ugly with this debate.*

Some who did NOT agree with her:
"Hey! Sorry about that! I'm so embarrassed i didn't realize that the store was your own personal space! I'll have to make sure that I abstain from buying food or whatever else we need until I figure out how to train an infant/toddler to exercise a little more self-control. Again, so sorry that my trying to squeeze a grocery trip in between work and naps and feedings (etc.) was such an inconvenience for you! ;)"

"Sorry but please do not judge when you have no idea what this person's day has already entailed walking around aimlsy the ex: mom just came from childs doctors appointment little johnny has cancer - little johnny has screaming fits because ...of the pain in his stomach that finally has a diagnosis. Omg mom is in shock what will she tell little johnny's sister who adores him. How will she explain to johnny all the doctors and needles he will need to endure over he next 5 to 10 years of his life. This is what the mom could be thinking as she is trying to also find a quick dinner. Life is short- children cry and so do we. Deal!"

And then the battle between parents and non-parents began:

"As for non-parents... I think those of us who ask you to reserve your judgment until you ARE parents do so because we remember that we were once in YOUR shoes, feeling very justified in similar judgment, and we know how much our perspective... has changed. In this kind of situation, there really is no substitute for practical experience. It's really to say "they should" do this or that. It's a lot more difficult when you're the one having to figure out just HOW exactly to do those things."

"re: non-parents commenting on parenting: I remember how I was raised, what was acceptable, what was not. Sure, it's probably not an accepted parenting style in the current child-worship school of thought, but that's OK with me. I don't want kids because I don't have the patience to raise them in a way I would be proud to call them my own. Having kids is not an accomplishment, it's raising good ones that's the tricky part. Yes, every kid will have a meltdown. But not so often that you have to impose that meltdown on everyone else just to get on with life."
"Don't try to reason with them. If they already demonstrated their irresponsibility by *having children in the first place* you can't expect them to have a rational conversation about these things. Some parents think that having functional genitals gives them magical insight, and this frees them of all criticism. In reality, their magical genitals are the problem. Anyone who has a child or has ever been a child is the problem. If you don't want people complaining about unruly children, stop making babies!"

*Last comment written by snarky guy*

So, there it is. In all of its ugliness. Poor Jackie got more than she bargained for when she posted her status yesterday. And there were many more comments than the ones I showed above. 

I find this to be a rather interesting topic. How those without children view those with children. Is it okay to tell others how to parent when you in fact have no real experience? (Babysitting the neighbors kids when you were 13 doesn't count here. Sorry!) Is it okay to let your child scream so that you can grab a few groceries? Is said child screaming because something is seriously wrong? Is the Mother just so burnt out she's just letting him get it out of his system? Sometimes you never know the circumstances.

You may remember a previous post I wrote on this topic. About Aidan screaming in restaurants and the evil eye I received from the lady behind me. He wasn't upset, just learning how to use his vocal chords. Should I have punished him for doing something that is completely normal and beneficial to his devlopment?

Do we "worship" our children as snarky guy suggested? Should today's parenting styles be changed? Has discipline gone out the window? Should we reestablish the "old school" way of discipline? Ask our kids to go pick a switch off the tree in the backyard so that we can then smack them with it? That's how my Dad grew up. Is that really the answer?

Or do these non-parents really just not have a clue as to what its like to raise children? Are they simply annoyed that others have children? Do they not like children and have to immediately point out faults that other parents have? Do they expect all children to be angels? 

How do you deal with this situation when it's your child? Or when you don't have children and you encounter this scenario at the store?

Can't we all just be friends?

What do you think?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring things, new things and some suggestions, please!

Ahhh, ye old living room. Ain't she a charmer? There are still so many things I want to change. See those bookshelves. Notice how the one on the far left has nothing on the bottom three shelves? That's because a certain little toddler that occupies a room in this house likes to pull EVERYTHING off of them and throw them. At me. Or Jason. Or the dogs. Or just on the floor. He's not choosy. So, I am thinking of somehow building cupboard doors to put over the bottom 2 shelves. I'd like to put baskets on the third shelf. Thoughts? Ugly? Not bad? Ideas on how to do this?(Pssst... don't you think the mini John Deere tractor really pulls the room together? Only in Texas!)

Do you see my breakfast room over yonder? Beyond the white chair? It's far, eh? Not really. I want to cover up that green paint below the chair rail with some beadboard. I mean, I REALLY want to. I've got the beadboard itch. Bad. It's starting to turn into a tick. My head is twitching with anticipation. I think I am gonna do it! I just need Jason to get a saw so we can work around those tricky angles near the window. But it'll sure be purty when she's done!

As for being happy with what we have. I love this new trunk that I bought from Target. It was originally $79.99 and I bought it on sale for $59.99. To make things even better, I had gift cards cover the whole cost. Score! It holds all of our DVDs that previously lived on our bookshelves above. Which can no longer live there because of said toddler mentioned above. This trunk is awesome! It's pretty and durable and the lid is heavy so Aidan can't lift it up and destroy our movies. Love. This. Purchase.

Onto Spring. Here's my mantel. It's light and bright and has a mirror above it. *gag* I hate that mirror. But, I do like how my coffee filter wreath looks on top of it!

 Here are some pretty daisies that I found on clearance at Target for about $3.00. They are sitting beautifully in our second bathroom adding some cheer!

 I found these adorable little birdies at Michael's. I bought three and they came out to about $1.50 a piece. I love them! I have a thing for birds lately.

And finally, my latest Spring purchae, also from Target. (Seriously people, I could live there! Can you hear my Oprah voice saying "LOOOOOVVVVEE ITTTTT!"?) The eggs and the three little nests were a vase filler set on sale for $4.00. So cute, so perfect. And I love how they look in my Arhaus distressed bowl. 

So, that's what's new around these parts .Any suggestions for the living room and/or breakfast room are greatly appreciated. Is anything Spring-like popping up in your neck of the woods?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Future Peyton Manning?

I definitely think so!

See more cuties at Five Minutes for Mom

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Baby Numero Dos

As you know now, Jason and I are expecting baby number two in early September. September 8th to be exact. Which is pretty cool, since it is also my favorite Uncle's birthday!

We wanted our kiddos close together and were happy that we were able to conceive fairly quickly. I think a little too quickly for Jason. Not that he is upset or scared, I think he is just a little frazzled about having two kids under the age of two. And to be honest, so am I. But, even if they were 3 years apart, there would be things that I'd be frazzled about. That's just life isn't? They always say that you are never full prepared for having a baby, be it your first or your fifth. Something could always be different, better, easier.

So far this pregnancy is different than my first. I'm still that lucky pregnant woman who doesn't gain weight in her first trimester, experience nausea or heartburn. I feel great, just as before! (Please don't hate me.) This is different as in, I'm not thinking about baby 24/7. I have a toddler to run around after who completely wears me out by the end of the day. When I was pregnant with Aidan I was working full-time, attending school part-time and dealing with a move right around my 16 week mark. Now, I'm just dealing with a crazy little boy who more than keeps me on my toes. I think both situations are equally as draining and by the end of the day I am ready for bed.

I think once I start to gain weight and that baby belly starts to show (I don't fit in pregnancy clothes yet, and am still wearing my normal shorts/tank tops/etc.), I will feel more like a pregnant woman. For now I just look a little fat! (Isn't that the worst, Mamas?)

The doctor is happy with my lack of weight gain (-1 pounds so far at almost 16 weeks) and the fact that there are no complications. With Aidan I was complication free, other than slight anemia that appeared late in my second trimester. I am really hoping that things will stay that way. I feel extremely lucky and blessed that I don't have anything to deal with. I don't know how women manage bed rest when they have a child to care for. I pray to God that doesn't happen to me!

As of right now baby numero dos (no cute name, such as the LBN moniker we labeled Aidan in the womb) is the size of an apple. When I turn 16 weeks on Thursday, there will be another fruit to compare him or her to.

And, in case you were wondering, we are once again NOT finding out the sex of this baby. It was so exciting to wait until that moment right as Aidan was being born to find out if he was a boy or a girl. I remember Jason tearfully exclaiming that I had just given birth to a sweet, beautiful baby boy. Nothing compares to that joy and excitement. Nothing!

Until next time...

Monday, March 21, 2011


 Hello there from an exhausted Emily. I thought I'd take a moment and babble at y'all while Aidan is napping peacefully babbling away in his crib.

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

* So, have you figured out who rules yet in this post? If you haven't, I'll just go ahead and tell ya. Big brothers rule! And Aidan is going to be one this September. We are super excited about our new addition! More to come on that later this week. :)

* I am so thankful for the beautiful weather we have been blessed with. Springtime in Texas is basically the same as summertime up north. We have been taking advantage and have been spending most of our days outside. I'm actually starting to get a tan! And, thanks to Living Social I even purchased two boat rentals at a nearby lake for 50% off. That will definitely make for a fun family outing for later on in the season!

* Have you heard of the Avett Brothers? I have recently become obsessed and downloaded one of their live albums from iTunes. My favorite song by them right now? Well, just take a listen. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!

* We are booking our tickets for a June Ohio trip this week. It'll be a jam-packed visit, which will include a graduation/party for one of my sisters and a baby shower for a friend. I hope I am able to see everybody that I want to. I also really want Aidan to spend as much time as he can with his cousins. Now that he is a walking machine, they'll be able to run all over the place together causing trouble. :)

* I worked my last day at my job this past Saturday. It feels strange, but good. I was becoming overwhelmed with things and decided that my Saturday-only job was the right thing to eliminate at this point in my life. I'll miss it, but I feel confident that I made the right decision. Being able to spend weekends together as a family will be wonderful!

* Yesterday we toured some model homes in a master planned community that we absolutely love. Jason and I really love the idea of building a home and are coming up with a master savings plan, so that we will be able to afford a pretty sizable down payment to make this a reality some day in the future. We are hoping that within the next 3-4 years we will be able to turn our dream into a beautiful new home for our family! Do you have any tips for us on creating a great savings plan? .

Have a great Monday!


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