Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring things, new things and some suggestions, please!

Ahhh, ye old living room. Ain't she a charmer? There are still so many things I want to change. See those bookshelves. Notice how the one on the far left has nothing on the bottom three shelves? That's because a certain little toddler that occupies a room in this house likes to pull EVERYTHING off of them and throw them. At me. Or Jason. Or the dogs. Or just on the floor. He's not choosy. So, I am thinking of somehow building cupboard doors to put over the bottom 2 shelves. I'd like to put baskets on the third shelf. Thoughts? Ugly? Not bad? Ideas on how to do this?(Pssst... don't you think the mini John Deere tractor really pulls the room together? Only in Texas!)

Do you see my breakfast room over yonder? Beyond the white chair? It's far, eh? Not really. I want to cover up that green paint below the chair rail with some beadboard. I mean, I REALLY want to. I've got the beadboard itch. Bad. It's starting to turn into a tick. My head is twitching with anticipation. I think I am gonna do it! I just need Jason to get a saw so we can work around those tricky angles near the window. But it'll sure be purty when she's done!

As for being happy with what we have. I love this new trunk that I bought from Target. It was originally $79.99 and I bought it on sale for $59.99. To make things even better, I had gift cards cover the whole cost. Score! It holds all of our DVDs that previously lived on our bookshelves above. Which can no longer live there because of said toddler mentioned above. This trunk is awesome! It's pretty and durable and the lid is heavy so Aidan can't lift it up and destroy our movies. Love. This. Purchase.

Onto Spring. Here's my mantel. It's light and bright and has a mirror above it. *gag* I hate that mirror. But, I do like how my coffee filter wreath looks on top of it!

 Here are some pretty daisies that I found on clearance at Target for about $3.00. They are sitting beautifully in our second bathroom adding some cheer!

 I found these adorable little birdies at Michael's. I bought three and they came out to about $1.50 a piece. I love them! I have a thing for birds lately.

And finally, my latest Spring purchae, also from Target. (Seriously people, I could live there! Can you hear my Oprah voice saying "LOOOOOVVVVEE ITTTTT!"?) The eggs and the three little nests were a vase filler set on sale for $4.00. So cute, so perfect. And I love how they look in my Arhaus distressed bowl. 

So, that's what's new around these parts .Any suggestions for the living room and/or breakfast room are greatly appreciated. Is anything Spring-like popping up in your neck of the woods?


  1. That centerpiece with the nests and eggs is SO CUTE!!

    And I love Target, too! You can always find the cutest and inexpensive stuff, there :)

    Next time you are up this way you should stop by a Pat Catan's. They are kind of like Jo-Ann Fabrics, and they always have the best decorating items and super cheap, too.

  2. I LOVE your house. Couple thoughts: IKEA might have cupboard doors already made that could fit on the bottom of that bookshelf. Also, you could cover the green paint below the chair rail with chalkboard paint and let A man go to town. :) LOVE the trunk, the wreath, the centerpiece, and the birds. :)

  3. Emily..i just realized that you have norepy attached to your comments..i've been emailing you back when you comment and they're not getting to you..ack!!

    You are a brave lady to have white couches with a you wash the slipcovers a lot..I love the way white looks and even wanted to get a white sectional..but then we bought red and it's already seen plenty of spills..oy!

    Brooklyn Decker is a sports iilustrated model..

    i love love love's so should definitely do it!

  4. Keely- I have no idea what that means or how to change it. Oy! The white slipcovers really aren't that bad. Most people think I'm crazy. I have 2 sets and when one gets funky I just wash it and put the other set on. The only thing that sucks is ironing them. Not a fun chore!

  5. Everything is so springy. Your living room is so cute. I how it's so bright and airy, even with the John Deere. Haha!

    Did you know that there is beadboard wallpaper? I haven't used it but I guess it's easy to use and it looks real.

    Thanks for commenting on my spray paint post! :)

  6. Love all of your decorations and that distressed bowl is awesome!


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