Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WILW- 3/9/11

After yesterday's somewhat somber post, I thought I'd perk things up a bit around here by letting ya'll know what I'm loving as of late.

* I am loving that Girl Scouts now deliver real, live cookies door to door. Back in my days of Girl Scout cookie sales (12 years and proud of it!) this was nonexistent. We knocked on doors, took orders and a month later delivered the goods. Now? They come right up to your porch with a Radio Flyer wagon full of the good stuff. I may or may not have slammed the phone down on my sister, pushed Jason out of the way and threw my cash at the little Daisy in front of me and grabbed my four boxes out of her terrified hands before you could say thin mints! Mmmm mmmm good!

* I am loving all of the birds visiting our bird feeder. It hangs on our front porch and we have a fantastic view of all of our little feathered friends that come daily to feast. Aidan loves to "help me" open the blinds in the morning so that he can see the birdies. 

* I am loving that Aidan still takes TWO naps a day. I realize that this is unheard of for most 13 month-olds. I cherish the time where he is sleeping and I can relax/tidy up/blog/cut coupons/shower. On the off day that he only naps once, I realize how lucky I am that he needs so much beauty sleep!

* I am loving Claussen pickles. After being absent from my life for a few months, I started chowing down on them regularly a few weeks ago. They are addictive. Jason constantly jokes that he bought me some nasty Vlasic pickles by accident and that I have to eat them. *gag* Seriously, go out and buy these today! They are ALWAYS refrigerated and unlike the ones that are tinged an odd green color, will not last on your shelf for 3 years. No pickle should do that. Ever.

What are you loving?

Have a great Wednesday, friends!


  1. I am SO jealous about the 2 nap thing. I swear NONE of my kids took 2 naps past 9 months old. :(

    I am just grateful I can get the twins to take 1 nap for about 2 hours and then go to bed at 7:30 every night - they sleep until around could be worse, but 2 naps would be awesome!

  2. Ohhh- I love Thin Mints too!!!
    Enjoy the two naps thing. It is so nice to have that time for you to rejuvenate a little and Aidan too. I am a sahm with three boys and down time is a must around here. My baby is 20 months old so no more two naps but one long one gets me through. =)
    BTW, Aidan is super cute!!

  3. Thanks for playing along!

    I've already had my box of Girl Scout cookies and am tempted to get more!


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