Friday, April 29, 2011

The book

We all have one. That book our child absolutely LOVES for us to read to them.

And we despise it.

You know the one.... You're probably shuddering right now as you think of it.

This is Aidan's:

At first it wasn't bad. Really, I could handle it.

Except now he's in a phase where all he wants to do is read books. Which is great. I love to read! I condone reading. I hope that he continues to have a love of reading for the rest of his life.

But, there is nothing to read in this book. It's just pictures. And he points at them. And I tell him what they are.

Over. And over. And OVER!

The worst part? He only wants to look at the animal pages (there are 3). So we "explore" the same three pages atleast twenty times a day. For some reason he really loves the sheep.

And then Jason comes home and he reads the book atleast ten times to the little guy.

It gets old.

I mean, couldn't he atleast pick a book that's has a storyline? Maybe "Love you Forever" (although it makes me cry like a baby at the moment....) or even "The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar?"

A few days ago I hid the book under a chair in our living room. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed a break.

(I know, I know... bad Mama!)

Aidan started looking for it.
He found it, put it in my hand and scooted in my lap. He was ready for me to read to him.

I guess I should give him what he wants.

Afterall, it's the only time he ever wants to sit in my lap!

Book: 1 Mama: 0

Thursday, April 28, 2011








Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Last night Jason and I watched Toy Story 3 for the first time.

I think I cried for the last 15 minutes of the movie. Stupid Disney and their heart-touching animated creations! (I really don't think it helped that I'm pregnant and extremely hormonal either....)

But, it really got me thinking. About so many things. But, really about Aidan. About the fact that he is going to grow up.

That he IS growing up. Right before my very eyes. And I can't stop it.

I'm so glad that he is healthy, intelligent, independent and strong-willed. But, at times I wish he wasn't.

Sometimes I wish he was that little baby that would take three hour naps while lying on my chest just so that I could hear and feel his breath. The little boy who I wore in a sling, close to my heart, all of the time. Who always wanted to be near me. Touching me. Making sure I was there.

Yes, he still loves his Mama. Today at the Children's Museum he ran around like a maniac, playing with his friends and having a good old time. About every 5 to 10 minutes he'd make his way back to me, climb on my lap and give me a hug.

I know he loves me. He lets me know all of the time.

But, one day that love will change. He won't want me like he does now, like he did as an infant. My role will change. Other things, other women, will take priority. It's a hard pill to swallow.

I've also been thinking about Baby Number Two. About how my love for that child will change me and my relationship with Aidan. Will it?

Because, honestly, I can't imagine loving a child the way that I love Aidan. Loving a child as much as I love Aidan. It seems impossible.

I would never be able to put into words the love I feel for my little man. It's a love like no other I've ever felt. A love so strong and deep that at times it's impossible to comprehend.

I know that parents of 2 or more children love all of them differently. But do they love one more than the rest? Do they bond with one more than the others?

As the middle child of seven, I will honestly tell you that there were times in my childhood where I felt ignored. I was independent, a lot like Aidan is. My parents didn't have to worry about me like they did with my sisters. I always seemed to manage. But, I craved their attention. Their love and affection. I was oftentimes jealous of my siblings, wishing that I got the attention they did. It hurt.

I don't want my children to feel that way. I want them to know that I love them equally. More importantly, I want them to feel that I love them equally. But, what if I don't? What if I do love Aidan more than the others?

Does this happen? Is this a real fear?

I guess for now all I can do is love my little guy. Let him know everyday how special he is to me. Take the time to read him his favorite book over and over and over. Give him kisses and hugs. Chase him in the sprinkler and play catch when he asks.

Afterall, he won't be this age forever. And I know that the day will come that he won't want to spend this time with me.

But I will always love him. More than he will ever know.

(BTW, I realize that I'm overly emotional right now... I completely blame this on Disney. 100%. Oh, and on my hormones, too. Oh and I'm linking up with Shell today!)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Giveaway- not mine!

My fabulous, IRL friend, Mama Marchand is hosting a giveaway courtesy of the Etsy shop, After Nine to Five. Go check her out.

But, remember, I sent you... which means that I really want to win! :)

My baby is growing up

My kid is smart. He really is. But sometimes I underestimate what he understands.

For instance, he knows to put his cup in a cupholder. And not just on his little tray at mealtime. He puts it in the cupholder in the car and in the one at the movie theater.

And then he claps for himself (and expects use to clap, too!) because he knows it's the right thing to do.

A few days ago he did something that simultaneously amazed me and punched me in the gut at the same time.

We had a long day of fun, which included swimming at a friend's house, dinner at an awesome, outdoor kid's restaurant and to top it off my sister and her husband were in town visiting. After his nightly routine, which consists of bath, pajamas, brushing of the teeth and 30 minutes of Baby Einstein, it was finally time for bed.

I always ask Aidan if he is "sleepy" and "ready for bed." Then I carry him to his room, turn on his sleep sheep and nighttime turtle, then he gives me a kiss and says "down", because he wants to be put in his crib. No longer does my little guy want to be rocked to sleep, which is hard enough on this Mama.

But, on that night when I asked him the usual "are you sleepy and ready for bed?", he stood up, waved to everybody in the room and then walked to the baby gate that keeps him from going down the hall to his bedroom. After we opened the gate for him he walked down the hall to his room and tried to climb in his crib.

By himself. All by himself.

My baby is suddenly a big boy. Who wants to go to bed! (Which I realize is also great for when we transition him to a toddler bed in about 5 months...)

It made me sad, hence the punch in the gut mentioned above.

What happened to my baby? Where did this independent toddler come from? One who doesn't want to be carried anymore and who wants to put himself to bed?!

He has done it every night since. But now he hugs and kisses whomever is in the room with him. Then he waves goodnight and walks down the hallway to his room.

I know that this was inevitable. He is going to grow up. Learn to do things for himself. And want to do things for himself. I'm just not quite ready yet.

But, is a mother ever ready for her child to grow up?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

House Hunt Sunday

Welcome to my second edition of House Hunt Sunday! This week's home is one that Aidan and I went to look at last weekend while Jason was away visiting friends. It was gorgeous and I'm bummed that he missed out on viewing it with us.

(For information on the reason for these posts, our "must list" and to view last week's home click here.)

This week's house:

A four-sided brick home with plenty of windows that let in all of that beautiful, Texas sunlight. (And is, coincidentally, right down the street from last week's house!)

(All pictures and information courtesy of Houston Association of Realtors)

The details~
Square Feet: 3139
Lot Sq Ft: 8768
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3 1/2
Private Study: Yes
2 Living Areas
Dining Room + Eat-in Kitchen
First Floor Master Suite
Asking price: $211,900

And now for the inside....

Walking into the home you are greeting by a light 2-story foyer with a curved staircase. To the right is this beautiful dining room, complete with tray ceiling, wet bar (which leads to the laundry room or kitchen) and moulding. To your left is the office which has its own walk-in closet.

Walking straight ahead from the foyer you enter the large Den. You pass a half bath hidden underneath the staircase on the way. I love the vaulted ceiling, wood floors and the cozy fireplace. The windows overlook a beautifully landscaped backyard.

I love how the kitchen opens up right into the Den. There is plenty of counterspace and the wetbar area is so convenient to the dining room, kitchen and Den. The double doors in the breakfast area open to reveal a large pantry.

The master suite is off of the Den. It has a gorgeous ceiling and a wall full of windows overlooking the backyard. The master bath is huge, with two separate vanities and an extremely large (8x9) walk-in closet! (Notice that the bathroom is carpeted- why do people do that?!)

A walk up the stairs leads us into the gameroom. It's large enough for couches, toys and a television for the kids. I love this space!

On one side of the gameroom is the guest quarters, complete with attached full bath. It's convenient that this room is away from the other two secondary bedrooms, giving guests their privacy. The other two bedrooms are decent sized and have their own full bathroom between them.

The backyard is an entertainer's dream. The tiled patio is covered by a gorgeous wood pergola, with plenty of room for an outdoor kitchen and seating underneath. Behind the garage is an excellent place for a dog run. The yard is large enough for a playset with room left for the kids to run around as they please. The back fence is brick, which means easy maintenance for the owners!

Pros: Great sized home, with attention to detail. I love the backyard/patio area and the large master suite.

Cons: Carpet in the master bath (what?), wallpaper (in all 4 bathrooms), and some horrid paint decisions in the secondary bedrooms. (I realize these are simply cosmetic cons, though!)

Overall, this is a wonderful home and one that we would probably make an offer on if we were looking to buy right now.

What do you think?

Happy Easter!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Aidan is 14 Months Old!

Actually, this post is a little late. Technically, Aidan is 14 months, 2 weeks and 3 days old. But who's counting, right? (ME!!)
It's hard to believe how fast time is flying. I'm still in shock that Aidan has had his first birthday. But, now we're more than two months past that big event!

He is becoming more curious, adventurous and silly everyday! And to be honest, quite a handful for this Mama.

Aidan is finally starting to grow. At his one year check-up he was only in the 8th percentile for weight, but I have a feeling (even though he's still a skinny guy) that he will have moved up in the ranks by his 18 month appointment.

Here's what's new:

* Aidan is running everywhere. Literally... everywhere! I am amazed at how quickly his little legs can carry him from point A to point B. He has been walking for over 3 months now!

* He is starting to say more words, such as: bir (bird), duck, Mama, Dada, dat (that), cheese, mum mum (a snack we give him), up, down and shoes.

* This little guy is obsessed with bath time. It's probably his favorite part of the day. When you ask him if he wants to take a bath, he'll run into the bathroom and try to get into the tub!

* His second favorite activity? Brushing his teeth. A few months ago Aidan hated this, but now he LOVES it! We let him "brush" them for a little bit, then we take over to ensure that they actually get clean. It works out wonderfully.

* If you ask Aidan to point to his mouth, leg, foot, arm, hand or belly- he does. He loves to pull up his shirt for belly so that we can blow raspberries on it or tickle him. He is a very ticklish boy!

* Even though he doesn't say many words, he understands a lot. We can ask him to bring us virtually any toy, book or object and he knows what we are saying. :)

* See this mouth? Yea, this mouth is an issue. Why?

Well, for one thing he likes to stick his shoes in his mouth. And chew on them. Usually when we're in the car. It is so disgusting! Also, he tries to put almost anything in it. For instance, the other day Aidan opened up the trash can, grabbed an old cheez-it sitting on top of the trash and ate it. He was so proud of himself for scavenging for food. I was trying not to throw up. Gross!

* He is starting to wave hello and goodbye when he sees people he knows or when we enter/leave a store.

* Aidan knows who his two best friends are and gives them hugs and kisses when he sees them.

* The little man has conquered the furniture. He gets very excited and claps when he is able to pull himself up onto a couch or chair. We are teaching him the proper way to get down, but sometimes he wants to just go kamikaze and launch himself off head first. Not good.

* He is also interested in feeding himself with utensils. He hasn't mastered it yet, but claps for himself whenever he is successful. :)
* Aidan absolutely loves our pets (2 dogs, 2 cats) and kisses them every morning when he wakes up. He has a blast chasing our little dog around the furniture. They are a riot to watch!

* And finally, when I ask him to "kiss the baby" he pulls up my shirt and kisses my belly. *heart*

I love my little man. He is going to be a GREAT big brother!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

House Hunt Sunday

Jason and I plan on buying our "forever home" in a few years time. Recently we've started attending open houses on the weekends to get ideas for what exactly we want in our home. We know we'll spend a substantial amount of money, so we want to get everything on our "must list." and maybe a few extras, too! For now we are looking as if we will be buying a home in the Houston area, but you never know! (It would be nice, since you can get A LOT of house for your buck down here in Texas!)

In case you're interested, here is the "must list":

1. Two living areas
2. Office for Jason
3. Large kitchen
4. Three full and 1 half bath
5. First floor master suite
6. Atleast 3 secondary bedrooms
7. Two car garage
8. Back covered patio
9. Minimum 2700 square feet
10. Minimum 7500 square foot lot

Pretty demanding, right? Wish us luck!

I thought that on Sundays I would start to feature a home that we've seen and would consider buying, if we were in the market today. It'll help me to keep track of what we like and don't like about it, and it'll give you a chance to get a look inside.Because, who doesn't like to look at houses?

This week's house:
A four-sided brick beauty located on a quiet cul-de-sac in one of our favorite subdivisions.
(All pictures and information courtesy of Houston Association of Realtors)
The details~
Sq Ft: 3625
Lot Sq Ft: 9010
Bedrooms: 4
Baths: 3 1/2
Private study: Yes
3 Living Areas
Dining Room + Eat-in Kitchen
First Floor Master Suite
Asking price: $219,900

Let's take a looksy!

This is the view from the foyer. Straight ahead is the den with vaulted ceilings and gas fireplace. There are built-ins to the left of the fireplace with a TV nook, as well. To the right of the foyer is the formal living room with bay window, to the left is the formal dining room. Don't you just love those hardwood floors? What an open, airy and bright room!

The kitchen is large with a walk-in pantry, island with cooktop and it's white! (I have a love for white kitchens.) This picture is taken from the breakfast room looking into the kitchen, which opens into the dining room.

The kitchen overlooks the den, which I really like. It's nice to have an open space like this where you can see and hear everybody around you.

View from the upstairs gameroom down into the kitchen/den area. You can see a door off of the breakfast room that leads to the private study.

A look at the private study. It has the same beautiful floors as the den and measures approximately 13x10. I like that it's at the back of the house and away from the kids play area.

This is the large downstairs master suite. The window overlooks the backyard. There is definitely room for large furniture in this space!

A look at the master bath. It has two separate vanities and a large walk-in closet. The separate shower and tub is a great feature! (Obviously the wallpaper will have to go....!)

Here is a look at the upstairs gameroom. A perfect space for the kids to play and to have their own area! I love that they can walk out of their bedrooms and into their play space. And it's so light up here!

Another view of the gameroom.

And finally a look at the large backyard. There are trees that offer shade and a perfect spot to fence in a dog run on the far side of the house. Unfortunately, it offers a rather small, uncovered patio area.

So there you have it, my first official house for House Hunt Sunday. I love the neutral slate to work with and the small amount of wallpaper the needs to be removed. Really the only thing we can find wrong with this property is the lack of patio space. It's a great find!

What do you think? Would you buy this place?


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