Thursday, April 7, 2011

18 Weeks Down

Today I'm 18 weeks pregnant. I feel good. Really good.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm pregnant. Which is pretty odd. With Aidan it was all I thought about. My pregnancy consumed my thoughts, my decisions, my life. With this one, there's not as much worry. I'm just enjoying the time I have with Aidan before the baby is born. And in the evenings as I lie awake in bed I enjoy feeling the little butterfly movements of baby number two in my belly.

This week baby is as large as a bell pepper.One of my favorite foods, incidentally. I think I know what we're having for dinner tonight!

I have my monthly appointment next Thursday. So far everything has checked out just fine. I thank God every night that this pregnancy has been so amazing, just like my last one. Hopefully it will continue. Then, in two weeks we have our big ultrasound. You know... the one where we find out the sex. Except, we're not! 

I'm starting to make a "wish list" on to track the things we'll need to buy for baby number two.  A new monitor, double stroller, possibly a new swing... you know, just a few things. I'm definitely not having another shower, although I have a feeling some good friends will be throwing me a little "diaper sprinkle"... which would be fantastic! Because man oh man are diapers expensive. And it's incredible how fast newborns go through them! (I'm still thinking about cloth diapers, although I may wait until baby is out of the "newborn" stage to try them out.)

We still don't have a "utero name" for this little one. Any ideas? I'd love to hear what you come up with!


  1. I love my double stroller. Just sayin. It's kind of a hybrid-- you can jog on paved surfaces with it, or just walk. It's the Baby Jogger City Mini Double. The weight limit is for the stroller, not per seat. Each seat reclines independently and can go pretty much flat (no need for the car seat adapter unless you want one). You can steer with one hand and it fits through normal doorways (a must for us since we frequent the coffee shop, the ice cream parlor, the record store, etc.). We've pretty much made back our money in cloth diapers. If you buy the one-size adjustable, A-man can wear them too. We didn't use them for B's first three weeks, but after that, they fit him. I love the Flip diaper system. It's not nearly as scary as it seems. But buy the diaper sprayer. Worth every penny and makes it so much easier. I can email you my phone number if you want to chat about it (or anything else). Besides the cloth diapers and the double stroller, my only other favorite and must have purchase was a good carrier with support. I wear Brennan a lot to keep my hands free for Cate.

    And just a thought. I know some people think it tacky to start another registry. But you don't have to share it. And unlike a wishlist, you get a coupon at the end for registry completion. We made one for Brennan with about 10 things on it that we knew we'd buy after his birth (like lanolin and bra pads and stuff). We got coupons for signing up and then we got a coupon to use after his birth which made those little things cheaper. We didn't tell anyone we had done was just for us.

  2. Ya know ... if you were finding out what you were having, you could do that this week since you've hit 18. I'm just sayin.'

    In utero nicknames ... Little Nugget Norris, Junior Miss (covers both genders), and the Bean.


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