Monday, April 4, 2011

Attack of the Pregnancy Brain

It's baaaaaaack!

And not in a good way, my friends. My pregnancy brain has returned in full force. And I am not happy about this.

I know there are skeptics out there. People who think that pregnancy brain and mommy brain don't exist. Well, unlike the loch ness monster, the chupacabra and sasquatch, theses scary monsters are REAL! I have proof!

Back when I was pregnant with Aidan I had quite a few pregnancy "follies", as Jason called them. Somehow becoming pregnant turned my usual, organized, control freak, rational self into a forgetful mess!

Some follies were mildly humorous- leaving the pantry light on all night, wearing my tank tops inside out and forgetting where we lived (yes that last one actually DID happen!).

Some were not so humorous- throwing Jason's car keys in the kitchen trash can without realizing it. After hours of searching he finally went out to our large trash can and dug through all of the bags until he found his keys sitting at the bottom of one. Whoops!

And some were gut-wrenchingly awful- leaving my purse at a restaurant while we were on our way to the airport. We were surprising family with a quick visit to Ohio and my brother had even paid for our tickets. We didn't realize I had left my purse until we were at the airport! The restaurant was over 45 minutes away and there was no way we could make our flight. We were unable to find a different flight out and had to pay a $150 cancellation fee on top of  it all. Bad. Very, very bad!

And Thursday?? Well Thursday? was somewhere on the not-so-humorous end of my follies. Aidan and I stopped at Target to pick up a few things before heading to our Thursday morning storytime session. After loading our bags into the trunk I plopped my purse and keys in the front seat. I then walked around the car to put Aidan in his carseat. And the doors were locked. Locked!

I didn't panic. We had half an hour until storytime, so I knew we'd be fine. I walked into Target, told them the situation and asked to use their phone. I haven't locked my keys in my car in about 10 years, but I remember that the local police would come and unlock your car for you. I guess they're not that friendly here in Houston. Instead I had to call a locksmith. I was informed I'd have to wait atleast TWO hours for somebody to come out and unlock my car!

Now panic started to set in. You see, this was no ordinary storytime. As the Organizer of my Mom's group I am the sole person who "interviews" interested members to make sure that they are a good fit for our group. And today at storytime I was meeting a potential member. I had no way of calling her (her number was in my cell phone, which was in my purse, which was locked in my car!), and I felt horrible. I am not like this! I'd hate for her to think that she wasn't important enough to even deserve a phone call as to why I wouldn't be there!

So, then I called Jason. He told me that he could be there in about 45 minutes with my spare keys to unlock the car. I told him that Aidan and I would somehow entertain ourselves until he arrived. At that point I was grateful to be at Target. Atleast it was somewhere that I could easily entertain Aidan for that amount of time. I mean, we could've been at the hardware store!

Aidan and I headed back into Target and proceeded to walk up and down every single aisle. I read him books, let him touch pretty much every towel and rug in the store and stopped by the music sampler area to play him some nursery rhymes. He actually had a pretty good time and didn't freak out because he had no sippy cup, snacks, etc. After our little aisle jaunt we headed back outside to wait for Jason. He actually ended up taking an additional half hour to arrive. But, Aidan amused himself by walking around the front of the store and touching all of the "big, red balls" they have out there.

All in all it wasn't that bad. I just felt horrible that I didn't get to meet our new member. But, luckily three other Moms in the group were there and they all said she was a super sweet girl!

Oh, and did I mention that this is the day Jason's parents were arriving? And the time that Jason came to unlock my car was the time he was supposed to be at the airport picking them up? Yea, he was 45 minutes late. Luckily, they didn't mind. But, overall this was a major fail on my part!

Hopefully nobody else will suffer from the mistakes that my pregnancy brain makes. And, I have to be incredibly thankful that I didn't lock my little guy in the car. If that had happened you can guarantee I'd be throwing a shopping cart through the window to get him out!


  1. Oh, girl ... I feel your pain. I don't think I ever got rid of my pregnant brain ... it's just morphed into this ditzy mama brain thing and I loathe it. I'm glad y'all are safe, though! Scary!

  2. I love you naturally organized people! I'm like this all the time, child or not. I am sorry you missed your flight, though. I HATE when stuff like that happens. But it does happen to us all!


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