Friday, April 29, 2011

The book

We all have one. That book our child absolutely LOVES for us to read to them.

And we despise it.

You know the one.... You're probably shuddering right now as you think of it.

This is Aidan's:

At first it wasn't bad. Really, I could handle it.

Except now he's in a phase where all he wants to do is read books. Which is great. I love to read! I condone reading. I hope that he continues to have a love of reading for the rest of his life.

But, there is nothing to read in this book. It's just pictures. And he points at them. And I tell him what they are.

Over. And over. And OVER!

The worst part? He only wants to look at the animal pages (there are 3). So we "explore" the same three pages atleast twenty times a day. For some reason he really loves the sheep.

And then Jason comes home and he reads the book atleast ten times to the little guy.

It gets old.

I mean, couldn't he atleast pick a book that's has a storyline? Maybe "Love you Forever" (although it makes me cry like a baby at the moment....) or even "The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar?"

A few days ago I hid the book under a chair in our living room. I couldn't take it anymore. I needed a break.

(I know, I know... bad Mama!)

Aidan started looking for it.
He found it, put it in my hand and scooted in my lap. He was ready for me to read to him.

I guess I should give him what he wants.

Afterall, it's the only time he ever wants to sit in my lap!

Book: 1 Mama: 0


  1. N doesn't have a favorite book yet but I am already over a few and hoping to sneak them down to the storage area in the basement before she misses them. :)

  2. Why is it that kids love books with no story lines? Maya loved Hop on Pop and now a book she calls "ABC Book" (I think it's called Dr. Seuss's A, B, C's). It's soooooooo boring, but she wants to read it 100 times a day because she has an obsessive fixation on the alphabet (this month's other over-read book is called "I Spy Alphabet," which is a GREAT book that you should get). So while I wish I could say this will pass, you may have a while. The good news is that when he's a little older, he may agree to "read" it to himself some of the time. :-)


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