Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My baby is growing up

My kid is smart. He really is. But sometimes I underestimate what he understands.

For instance, he knows to put his cup in a cupholder. And not just on his little tray at mealtime. He puts it in the cupholder in the car and in the one at the movie theater.

And then he claps for himself (and expects use to clap, too!) because he knows it's the right thing to do.

A few days ago he did something that simultaneously amazed me and punched me in the gut at the same time.

We had a long day of fun, which included swimming at a friend's house, dinner at an awesome, outdoor kid's restaurant and to top it off my sister and her husband were in town visiting. After his nightly routine, which consists of bath, pajamas, brushing of the teeth and 30 minutes of Baby Einstein, it was finally time for bed.

I always ask Aidan if he is "sleepy" and "ready for bed." Then I carry him to his room, turn on his sleep sheep and nighttime turtle, then he gives me a kiss and says "down", because he wants to be put in his crib. No longer does my little guy want to be rocked to sleep, which is hard enough on this Mama.

But, on that night when I asked him the usual "are you sleepy and ready for bed?", he stood up, waved to everybody in the room and then walked to the baby gate that keeps him from going down the hall to his bedroom. After we opened the gate for him he walked down the hall to his room and tried to climb in his crib.

By himself. All by himself.

My baby is suddenly a big boy. Who wants to go to bed! (Which I realize is also great for when we transition him to a toddler bed in about 5 months...)

It made me sad, hence the punch in the gut mentioned above.

What happened to my baby? Where did this independent toddler come from? One who doesn't want to be carried anymore and who wants to put himself to bed?!

He has done it every night since. But now he hugs and kisses whomever is in the room with him. Then he waves goodnight and walks down the hallway to his room.

I know that this was inevitable. He is going to grow up. Learn to do things for himself. And want to do things for himself. I'm just not quite ready yet.

But, is a mother ever ready for her child to grow up?

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  1. Ouch ... my heart is breaking a little over here for you. I can't imagine the day that N does this ... and I know it must be right around the corner!


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