Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My secret bag of jeans

A good friend of mine has been on a major weight loss kick for the past two months. She was tired of her post-baby body and really wanted to get back to her "hot" body glory days. So, she started working out and dieting.

I also went through that phase, about every week before I became pregnant with baby number two.. You know, you say you're gonna eat better, track those calories, hit the gym and become a goddess of the treadmill. Except, by day three I found myself eating lunch at Panera and watching the Biggest Loser in the evenings while snacking on popcorn. I was a real motivator, let me tell ya!

But, my friend, she is rockin' her weight loss! She has all ready lost over 20 pounds in two months. I am so incredibly proud of her drive, determination and the fab body that I see shining through!

Her motivation? Well, let's just say that she is a bit of a clothes horse. Trust me. I've seen her closet. It looks like Macy's, Forever 21, Banana Republic and Gap threw up in there. She has the most amazing clothes. And sadly, many of them haven't fit her in almost two years. She also has a HUGE collection of jeans. We're talking over 50 pairs in all different shapes, styles, colors and length.

For her it's like going shopping all over again. Seeing which clothes fit. What new outfit she can wear on a daily basis. And she doesn't even have to spend any money!

This made me a little sad, since I have been clearing out clutter left and right for the past few years. We have very little storage here (no basements in Houston and limited attic space above the garage) so we really have to be choosy about what we keep and what gets hauled off to Goodwill or thrown out on the curb. Sadly my "hot" body clothes have been gone for almost two years now. I couldn't justify keeping them. We had no room and who knows when I'll fit in them again?

But, the other day as I was digging through the space bags in our closet (yes I keep our winter clothes in space bags, they're great!) and found one at the bottom of the pile.

In it... about 8 pairs of my old jeans! Pre-baby jeans. Jeans that I fit into when I looked good! And had a butt!

*** Side note: Seriously, where does your butt go after you have a baby? I was no Beyonce, but I atleast had an ass. Now it's nothing. My theory is that we all really have placenta butts and once you pop the baby out, the placenta comes with it and all of us Mommas are left with flat butts that can't even fill out a pair of capris. I'm just sayin'.... It's seems like it could be a viable theory, right? ***

I was so psyched to find my old friends. They brought back memories of nights at the bar, spring breaks and tiny tank tops. I really think that they will be my motivation to get back into shape once baby number two arrives.

We all need a pair of skinny jeans to remind us of what we were and what we can be again, right?

Now, if only I had a butt to fill them out....


  1. Girl, you can have some of my butt. I'll give you some when you visit. ;)

  2. Atleast you have an excuse to not have a butt... ;) I have "placenta butt" but have not given birth. Life's cruel little jokes :)
    Happy Tuesday, doll! Oh, and CONGRATS ON BABY #2!!!! Yay!!!!

  3. Fun things to look forward to post baby!


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