Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The only sign of life in this dry, DRY desert of Houston, Texas.

And it's on a cactus in our backyard. (Yes there are cacti in my yard. Okay, only one.. but still. Fancy, eh?)

Go figure.

Rain, rain come today! It's been some time since you've come here to play. (Since January people. Our yard is dust. It's awful!)

Let's make a deal... I'll send all you Northerners some of this 95 degree heat and you send some of your rain down this way.

Whaddaya say? Is it a deal?


  1. Deal. Yes. I love a rain shower once or twice a week to keep things green. But lately, it's been a little more than ridiculous.

  2. My grandma lives in Houston, and I called her on Mother's Day and this is exactly what she said! That it's so dry and y'all need rain.

  3. Nope! I like my rain and 70 degree weather. Sorry. ;)


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