Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's only Wednesday?

Even though it's only Wednesday, I'm all ready pretty burnt out this week. After our fantastic trip to the beach this weekend, Aidan came down with a fever.

He was fussy and yanking at his ears (the poor guy is getting FOUR molars at once!), so we decided to give him some Ibuprofen before bed to help with the fever and the teething pain. For some reason he decided that he wanted to wake up at 2:30 am, bright eyed and bushy tailed. He babbled away in his crib for a few HOURS before falling back to sleep.


Sunday he was equally as fussy and the fever was back. Jason also started not feeling well. (Of course!) We had friends over for dinner and sent Aidan off to bed before they had even left for the evening.

Sunday night was awful. Between sick Aidan, sick Jason, my pregnancy induced-insomnia, trading with Jason between the bed and the couch (he had a horrific cough that gave me a headache) and a minimum of 3 nightly trips to the bathroom, I finally managed to fall asleep around 3:30am.

And woke up at 7:30. Lovely.

I took Aidan to the doctor in the morning and low and behold he has his second ear infection in a month and a half. My poor baby! He all ready is feeling better thanks to his antibiotics and I'm hoping that he'll be 100% by the weekend.

Jason took the day off of work to rest and get better. I'm hoping that I don't come down with whatever it is he's carrying around. A sick Mama is not a fun Mama!

In the past few days I've also squeezed in 3 interviews for possible new Mamas for my Mom's Group, errands, playdates, a few hours of dog sitting and still managed to get most of my other "duties" done.

Whoever thinks that the life of a Stay at Home Mom consists of watching Lifetime movies and chomping on bon bons is seriously jaded!

I am also working on getting our house in Ohio rented. Finally!!

I've had 9 inquiries, 6 which are good prospects. We had two showings last night and one of the families is extremely interested. I sent them a rental application last night and if everything checks out, including their references, we're hoping this will be a done deal! Please keep your fingers crossed for us!

We haven't had renters in over a year, so we've been pulling double duty on mortgages since last April. It'll be a breath of fresh air, and a boost in our savings account, once we get tenants again.

I have to admit that after the disastrous results we had with our last tenants, I'm a little leery about letting anybody live in our house at this point. (What? I never told you about that? Well, that's a story for another day...)

This time we are being more strict with our application process and will not accept pets under ANY circumstances.

Lesson learned people.

On top of all of this, Jason is going to be painting multiple areas of our house while Aidan and I are out of town this weekend. I have chosen the paint colors (I think?!) and he'll go to town while we're gone!

His task list:
Living room
Breakfast room
One wall in our bedroom
Master bathroom

It's a pretty hefty job and I know that he won't get the majority of it done in two days. I'll be happy if he can finish the Kitchen/Breakfast room/Living room/Hallway and Foyer before we get home.

But, this leaves me with lots of things to dismantle/box up/store in the garage before Aidan and I leave on Friday morning.

I know that even if this week is full of stress, sick babies and packing, I have a great weekend to look forward to!

What are we doing, you ask?

Well, Aidan and I are jetting off to Baltimore to visit our fabulous friends, Mama Marchand and her little N!

I couldn't be more excited!


  1. I'm jealous you and Mama M are getting together. Have a fun trip.

    And I totally didn't know that you even had a house you rented in Ohio, but I hope it goes better for you this time.

    Stay healthy!

  2. I hope everyone is feeling 100% so you can come ... I would be sad if you couldn't. :( That is QUITE a painting list!

  3. That sounds horrible!!! My kids used to get ear infections all the time! Thank goodness they outgrew at the age of 3...except for random ones here and there. Similaison and warm rice socks always help mine :)
    Glad you have prospects on the house! 2 mortgages would be a no-go in the house...we couldn't survive.
    I just started a hosting a brand spankin new blog hop if you want to join, What I'm Diggin' Wednesday.

  4. Baltimore! Awesome! If you ladies make it into DC when you're here, I'd LOVE to see you, Em. And meet Aidan!



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