Thursday, May 19, 2011

A job well done

Yesterday we took Aidan to his Pediatrician (for the second time this week) for his 15 month appointment. The little guy was EXTREMELY hyper and ran around the waiting room squealing with delight. (Jason got there after us and literally heard Aidan's happy screeches down the hallway!)

He climbed up chairs, then slithered off of them and loudly ran to another chair across the room and climbed it.

Press repeat about 300 times.

The receptionists found him excruciatingly adorable and wanted to take him home. Jason and I just watched him. His energy still amazes and exhausts us all at the same time.

After he was weighed, measured, and temperatured (is that a word?) we headed back to our little room to wait for his doctor. Aidan had a wonderful time running around the room in his sandals and diaper terrorizing anything he could. His object of choice was the paper covering the examining table.

He joyfully tore it to shreds.

His doctor came in and asked us questions about Aidan's development:

How many words does he say? Atleast 15. His newest words are "meow", "no" and last night he said "I love you" for the first time. Jason and I melted at that one!

Does he understand simple commands? He understands everything from "come here" to "let's put your jammies on." The latter prompts him to walk to his bedroom so that we can change for the evening.

Can he walk backwards? He walks backwards so that he can sit down in our laps. It's literally the only time he walks. The child runs EVERYWHERE!

Does he like to use his fingers and hands? Oh yes. He touches everything and loves to feed himself. He is starting to get the hang of eating with utensils and will probably be feeding himself solo pretty soon.

 (Playing outside with his bucket and shovel.)

Does he imitate your sounds and movements? He is at the point where he tries to say things we say. And he loves to imitate things we do, especially cleaning. Aidan likes to take paper towels and "clean" the floor!

Can he wave bye bye? Yep. He also waves hello and loves to greet people with big, wet open mouthed kisses! He's a charmer!

Is he climbing on things? Umm... duh! What doesn't the child climb on? He's a freakin' monkey!

Can he identify body parts and pictures?  His ability to identify objects is absolutely amazing. Ask him to point to anything from his belly, to a fish, to a tree and he knows exactly what he is supposed to be gesturing to. 

Can he color? He does. But only with color wonder markers that work on their own special paper. I'm not taking any chances with my white furniture and crayons!

Aidan's pediatrician was extremely impress with his abilities and said that he is developmentally at an 18 month level.

I have to tell you that at that moment I was bursting with pride.

As a parent, but especially a mother whose job it is to raise him, I felt wonderful.

Sometimes I question my ability as a mother. Am I doing a good job? Should I be doing something different? Is Aidan really learning anything from me?

It's a very hard profession, but also the most rewarding job I've ever had. To see Aidan's progress, how he learns and figures things out for himself, gives me such satisfaction. Seeing the look of delight on his face when something clicks in his head. When he realizes that he can say that word or press that button or turn the page of that book.

(Reading to himself on the couch)

Every parent thinks that their child is unique, smart and special But when it is confirmed by somebody you respect,  by their Pediatrician, it really is affirmation that you are doing the right thing.

That you are the one nurturing your child to become an independent and intelligent individual. And heck, you're doing a pretty darn good job!

It's all worth it. The frustrations, the tears, the ups and downs- to know that your child is succeeding in life and becoming the person you want them to be.

 (Having a laugh with his favorite pet, Flippy)

That makes being a mother, hands down, the most fulfilling job I will ever have in my life! :)

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  1. So glad he's developing so well. Wait until he's memorized a book and "reads" it to you. Or when he recognizes a word or a letter somewhere else. Cate's doing a lot of all that now. It's crazy!


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