Thursday, June 30, 2011

Goodbye, dear mullet

 First off, I want to thank you all for your words of advice on picking out baby names. We definitely need all of the help we can get! Now, onto the mullet situation.....

I love the shaggy hair style on little boys. It just screams cute, cuddly and trouble- which describes my little man perfectly.

I was desperate for his hair to grow out into blonde, curly locks of cuteness. Instead, it grew pin straight in the back and over his ears, while the top kind of stuck up everywhere. A good friend of mine refers to him as Mr. Fuzzyhead for a good reason!

The result was a mullet (pronounced moo-lay, I'm trying to class it up a bit, you see!). I knew it was a mullet, but was in denial. Can you blame me? He's so freakin' cute. I thought I could handle it until his hair finally started to fill in; that could be a few years at the rate it's growing!

 But, then the comments started. People started to mistake him for a girl (as if!)... and it started happening with more frequency.

Then a (male) flight attendant had the nerve to tell me that "your kid needs a haircut, he has a mullet"  while we were exiting a plane one day. Thanks, jerk. (Why is it that other people feel the need to tell you how to parent simply because they see that you have children?! I'll never understand that!)

So, I finally gave in. The time had come for Aidan to get his first haircut. My Mom has given all of us kids (and grandchildren, too) our first haircuts... so it was only fitting that she took care of Aidan's mullet as well.

He did pretty good! No tears, just a bit fidgety. Once we gave him Jason's cell phone to play with, he was just fine!

And, here's how it looks now! Jason and I both agree that it's much better (and blonder) than the "business in the front, party in the back" look he had been sporting. I still want to grow his hair out, but I think we'll wait a bit until it starts to grow on top.

My little boy is growing up!


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  1. I love his hair! I think I'd have a hard time cutting it too, but it looks cute!


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