Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Have I ever mentioned that I feel destined to have all boys?

We aren't finding out the sex of Baby Number Two, but I all ready have a very strong feeling that it's another boy.

I've told Jason that if my feelnig is right, that I'd like to have a third child, you know, to try for a little girl! I have dreams of hair ribbons, mani/pedis, dance class, gymnastics and shopping trips.

But, honestly, I all ready feel that if we do have a third child, it will also be a boy. Don't ask me why I think it... I just do!

Not that having three boys would be a bad thing! I'd love it, and I know that Aidan and Daddy sure would, too!

Then, they'd have more boys to wrestle with. Maybe they'd even start their own Wrestlemania!

Boys will be boys, right?

But, Mama is allowed to wish for a little girl...



  1. Yes, mama is allowed to wish for a little girl. :) I must admit, I LOVE LOVE LOVE having a girl!

  2. You never know. I was convinced I was having another girl, but we ended up with a Brennan! :-)

  3. We only have three girls, but my husband makes do and wrestles with them instead.


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