Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Where did the time go?

So.... I'm  kinda pregnant.

I definitely look it. And lately I've definitely been feeling it.

Mainly it's my energy level. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'm probably at a 0.

It sucks. A lot.

How can somebody be this tired?

And then reality hit.

While my Mom was dropping  us off at the airport on Monday, I told her that I'd see her soon. And then I realized how soon that was.....

Approximately 78 days according to my Lilypie ticker.

Holy crap! When did this happen?

Didn't I just find out I was pregnant... in January? Okay, so that's like 6 months ago, but still. It seems like only a few weeks ago.

And now here I am, a mere 2 1/2 months until Baby Number Two is due.

That overwhelming sensation is starting to kick in.

I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO! And not a whole lot of time, or energy, to get it done.

But, instead of freaking out about it like I normally would...I'm going to take it easy and enjoy what little time I'll have left with Aidan as an only child.

Not only is my world about to be flipped, turned upside down (name that tune!), his is about to be rocked more than he will ever realize.

So, for now... I'll let it be.

The painter's tape can stay on the wall, the office area may stay a bit messy, and dinner may not always be a gourmet meal.

And that's all right. Because  my little man and I are going to have a lot of fun these last few months of just the two us. :)


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  1. Enjoy this time together. And remember that as long as you have the essentials, a baby doesn't care if everything isn't in perfect order for his homecoming!


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