Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Note to self...


It is NOT a good idea to drink a can of coke at 9pm. Why is that? Because you will find yourself up until 3 am tossing and turning as a result.

This is no fun for you (having to pull yourself out of bed 6 times in one night to pee is NO fun), Jason (who gets no sleep) or Aidan (who has to deal with your grumpiness in the morning).

Please, use what's left of your brain that hasn't been stricken with pregnancy/mama syndrome and make some smart decisions from now on when it comes to your nightly drink.

Caffeine is a BAD idea after 5 o'clock. Just sayin'.


Your sleep-deprived self


  1. Oh, the things we do when we're pregnant! The only thing that settled my tummy when I was preggo with C was a cup of hot tea... but like you, I found drinking any liquid that late at night -- let alone something HOT with CAFFEINE -- made for an awful night. I learned to deal with the nausea in exchange for a better night's sleep!

  2. when I was preggo my ability to choose wisely was very very foggy lol I hope you get some sleep soon


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