Monday, July 25, 2011

Right now...

* I'm sitting in bed, listening to my little man babble himself to sleep. He is "reading" books out loud, possibly to his stuffed animals. For the past few weeks now he ALWAYS has to have books in his crib for naptime and bedtime. It's adorable!

* I have an episode of Friends playing on the TV. It's the one where Ross marries Emily, but says Rachel's name by mistake. What is wrong with that man? He's such a whiny baby... I have no idea how he was married three times! And, if I were Emily, there is NO WAY I could ever forgive him for doing that. On my wedding day. In front of everybody I love. Never.

* I've been craving junk food lately. I'm munching on Combos and drinking a Coke as I write. Probably not the greatest of things to be consuming while pregnant... but, oh well! At my last OB appt, which was Friday, I had only gained 14 pounds... so I think I'll be okay.

* Speaking of my OB appointment, I received some not so great news from my Nurse Practitioner. It seems that my doctor, who is the only doctor in her practice, suddenly retired. Yep, my OB is gone. No letter to her patients. Nothing. She's just gone. I have no idea why. All I know is that two younger doctors are helping take care of her patients until things are sorted out. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and I don't even know who is going to deliver my baby. Talk about scary. There is a new hospital that was built not far from our house and we contemplated switching doctors so that we could deliver there. It's much closer to our house than my current hospital/doctor's office. I decided to stick with my doctor and the longer drive because I had such a great experience with her when I delivered Aidan. And now this. I know that  I can switch practices, but I really like all of the staff at this practice, especially the Nurse Practitioner. I will be meeting the two new doctors at my upcoming appointments. Hopefully things work out in the end.

*  Have I mentioned yet that Aidan is very interested in the potty? As in, he's pooped twice in the big potty all ready. He told me he had to go and wanted to sit on the potty. So he did. This was about three weeks ago. I  went out the next day and bought him his own little potty. He loves to sit on it when I am in the bathroom, but hasn't used it since. I'm not pushing it. Afterall, he's only 17 months. But, I have to say that I am pretty shocked that he is showing interest at such a young age!

* Here is what my belly looks like...

Well, Aidan has finally fallen asleep, so I'm off to do the same.

Happy Monday, ladies!



  1. You look fantastic! :)

  2. love the belly pic.
    Glad Aidan loves to read so much!
    You have my sympathy with the OB. We had a midwife picked out, and were going to the practice specifically since they had a midwife. She told us at our visit that she was leaving, and gave us the # for her new practice, so it wasn't quite as abrupt. It's such a hard decision to make! In the end we stayed with the practice since we knew the Dr's instead of finding another midwife. I'm don't regret it since in the end I got to do things my way.

  3. I echo Tricia, you look great! And only 14 pounds up? EAT THOSE COMBOS, GIRL!!! I know I would be if I were you!

    On your lack of an OB... I delivered both my kids at a practice with 10 (yes, 10!) different OBs. I really loved two of them, and saw them exclusively during my prenatal care, knowing I would probably have a different OB come delivery day. For G, I got my favorite doctor, but for C, I got a doctor I'd never had before at the office... and it went just fine, great even! So I have faith your situation will work out well in the end too!

  4. That is great that you have only gained 14lbs! My ob said a coke every now and again is okay...glad you enjoyed your snack! That acutally sounds pretty good.

    My sister had that same thing happen to her with her but she ended up liking the rest of the drs. and ended up getting a dr. that she connected with. Hope all works out.

    Yeah..for your little guy! It's great that he shows interest, it is so much easier when they want to do it.

  5. Look at that belly! You look amazing :)


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