Monday, August 29, 2011

Aidan {18+ months}

My little man is growing up right before my very eyes. Everyday brings a new experience, adventure, reaction and slew of words. 

At the beginning of the month he turned 18 months old. In fact, he'll be 19 months old next week. On the baby's due date, actually.

It's fairly hard for me to digest that my little guy is closer to 2 than he is to 1 these days. But, I'm so incredibly proud of the individual he is becoming.

Here are some things I love about Aidan:

* He always wants to take his shirt off when he eats. My guy is not a fan of bibs, so he'd rather eat sans shirt than wearing something around his neck. I'll take it off depending on what he's eating at the time. Spaghetti? Yes! Fruit? No.

 * His huge heart for animals. Aidan has never met an animal that he didn't love, even though some do NOT love him. He was scratched by a cat at the vet a few weeks ago and was extremely upset. It wasn't that he got hurt, but the surprise that this animal did not immediately love him in return was too much for him to bear.

* The way he says "thank you" whenever he hands something to anybody (including the dogs). He does it because WE say thank you to HIM when he gives us something. So now he thinks that is what HE should say when he presents anybody with an item. It's adorable.

* Aidan loves to help. From feeding the dogs every morning to unloading the dishwasher to folding laundry to getting the mail. He always wants to give me a hand with whatever it is that I'm doing. And the best part is that he actually IS helpful!

* We get the mail everyday. Sometimes it's the only time we leave the house since it's so hot out. Aidan loves these trips and can't wait to walk the 3 houses down to retrieve the mail with Mommy. The house in front of the mailbox has large pine trees in the front yard and Aidan makes it his mission to bring a pinecone home with him everyday. I have saved almost all of them.

* Aidan's comprehension is remarkable. He understands much more than I give him credit for at times. If you give him simple instructions, he is almost always able to follow through. From turning on the switch for the fan to bringing me the dog dish to putting away toys- he understands it all!

* He loves his Daddy. Everyday before Jason leaves for work he gives Aidan a high-five. Then after he walks out the door he walks over to our front window where Aidan is waiting. They then wave goodbye to each other and give "the rock" through the window. Melts my heart I tell  ya!


* I love our nightly cuddle sessions. It is Aidan and Mommy time, nobody else will do. He leans up against me in the couch, holds my hand, drinks his milk and watches  Baby Einstein. I live for those moments.

* He has a very large vocabulary. Jason and I are regularly impressed by things Aidan says and what he can point out to us. Sometimes I think he gets frustrated because we are unsure of a new word he is saying. With time I know that he'll be able to enunciate better so that we know exactly what he is saying! 

I am so proud of my little man. I know that there are so many other amazing things that he does, but it's just too hard to list them all. They seem to grow so quickly these days that it's almost too hard to keep up with it all. Everyday is a new beginning, a new adventure and a new chapter in his little life.

I love my sweet boy!


  1. Awww, what a big boy he is-- I particularly love the picture in his big boy bed (how is that going, btw?). I enjoyed reading his milestones, because -- to be honest -- it's hard for me to remember that age with G. She was growing SO rapidly that her 2nd year feels like a blur!!

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