Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Babymoon {Part Deux}

While our fire was lighting up the dark evening sky (and while I was sweating to death because it was 95 degrees at 9 pm) Jason and I reminisced about all of our wonderful times together.

Afterall, we have experienced quite a bit in our almost 6 1/2 years as a couple. We haven't taken the most conventional of roads: adopting animals, buying a house, moving 1400 miles away, buying another house, having two babies.... all before marriage. But, we love our life together and wouldn't change a second of any of it.

Then to my surprise, my best friend and soulmate asked me if I would be his wife.

It was simple, romantic and perfect.

I said yes.

 Even though we've been together longer than many couples actually stay married, it was an extremely exciting and emotional moment for the both of us. He was visibly shaking and I'm pretty sure you could see my smile from the space station. 

Afterward we went back to the resort, took a few pictures and settled in for a wonderful night's sleep. (Which ended up being not so wonderful since Jason received a call from a wrong number at 3 am that woke both of us up and kept both of us from getting back to sleep. Ugh!)

 In the morning we had a delicious breakfast at the Resort's restaurant and discussed future plans. Then, I headed down to the Spa for my massage and Jason hit up the pool. After checking in, changing into a luxurious robe and settling down with a magazine in the peaceful women's lounge I received some bad news. My masseuse had car trouble and they wanted to reschedule my appointment. The time they had available didn't work out with our plans, so I had to cancel. Needless to say, I was disappointed. My back was really looking forward to that prenatal massage!

So, I changed into my swimsuit and headed down to the pool. Jason was very upset about the situation, but there really wasn't anything that could be done. After swimming for a bit, we decided to check out and head to Austin to look around the city.

We found a Botanical Garden that would be a beautiful location to get married at. In fact, there was a wedding there that day! I'm not sure how the bride and groom didn't melt in their formal attire- it was over 100 degrees out! Their Oriental Gardens were our favorite and we had a great time walking around looking at all of the lovely fountains, ponds and plants.

 (36 weeks and 2 days)

After an hour or so, we were both officially exhausted from walking around in the heat. We decided to grab a quick bite for lunch and head back home to pick up our little guy (who had the time of his life staying with our friends! We're surprised he even wanted to come back home with us!). 

I'm so glad that Jason and I were able to have a such an incredible night away. Which turned into a night that neither one of us will ever forget.

Now I've got a wedding (in Ohio, phew!) to plan! Wish me luck. :)



  1. Ohmygosh! Congratulations! The ring is beeeeeeeutiful :)

  2. Yayyyy Emily!! Congratulations!! A baby and a wedding :) It looks like your babymoon was fantastic, so happy for you!

  3. Emily, I'm so happy for you! Reading about your baby-moon it sounded like an amazing vacation, but getting engaged too! So excited for you! I planned a wedding in OH from FL. Not the easiest thing, but we kept it pretty simple. Congratulations to you both!

  4. Awwwww, I am CRYING as I read this!!! I am so excited for you and Jason and the boys (I apparently now think you're having another boy!). Congratulations many, many times over!!!

  5. Yay! It's public news now so I can officially say on your blog ... CONGRATULATIONS! So so so so happy for you two (well, four). :) XOXO!

  6. Wow, congratulations! I don't know why it surprised me so much to see such an obviously happy couple get engaged, but it did-- mostly because you didn't even hint at it AT ALL in your first post! How did you keep from bursting with that information? What a wonderful, romantic story. My cousins got married at Vintage Villas on Lake Travis in December and it was not 100 degrees and was lovely. But I think you'll have an easier time planning around crazy hot weather in Ohio. :-)
    Enjoy planning for the big day!


  7. Congratulations! What a wonderful way to spend an evening!

  8. Congrats! Such great news and what a year it will be with a new baby as well!

    That does stink about the massage...but at least you got to spend some more quality time together!

  9. Congratulations! Exciting times coming up !


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