Monday, August 15, 2011

Babymoon {Part One}


It was great.

It was wonderful!

Our mini babymoon was exactly what Jason and I needed. Time to ourselves. Time without our little guy. Time to remember what it's like to enjoy each other. To breathe. To relax. To enjoy the moment. To just be.

Our wonderful friends, Tonya and Jason, had offered to watch Aidan for a night or two this month if Jason and I had wanted to get away. Of course we jumped at the opportunity! I really didn't care where we went, I was just excited to spend a night without Aidan.

Don't get me wrong, I love my little man, but Jason and I haven't been away from him since he's been born. That's 18 months, people! We were well overdue for a little alone time.

Jason planned everything, and he did a fabulous job. :)

After dropping of Aidan (with our friends) and the dogs (at the dog ranch- spoiled pooches!) we headed off on our journey.

We eventually ended up here:

Lakeway Resort and Spa on beautiful Lake Travis up in Hill Country (NW of Austin, for those of you that know Texas at all).

After checking into our room, we sat on our balcony for awhile and just enjoyed the serene view of the lake. (It was sad to note how low the water level was. The drought here in Texas is getting fairly desperate and the lake is only at 65% capacity right now. Houston is actually going to start pumping in water from a local lake so that we don't run out of water.)

Then we checked out the great pool area, which included a 3 level infinity pool with float up bar just for adults, as well as a large hot tub, and two other pool areas that were kiddo friendly. Before changing into our swimsuits I booked myself  a prenatal massage at the spa for the next morning.

We spent a few hours poolside, watching boaters on the lake, reading magazines, swimming and enjoying each others company. We both commented on how strange it was not to have Aidan with us. It's amazing that we were together for FIVE years before Aidan, but now it seems that we can't possibly imagine our lives without him.

We were getting a bit hungry, so we headed back to the room to get ready for the evening. Jason found a great restaurant online that overlooked the lake, so we headed there for dinner. Both of us were blown away by the spectacular water views and ambiance the restaurant had to offer, as well as the great meal that we had.

I ordered fettuccine with shrimp and lobster in lobster sauce with fresh ricotta on top. To. Die. For.
Jason ordered trout topped with crab meat, golden raisins and pine nuts. Delish!

We decided to hang out at the restaurants outdoor seating area after we were finished eating to watch the sunset.

Jason ordered a few drinks,

we claimed ourselves a couch,

a waiter came by to light our little fire pit

and we snuggled up to enjoy the view and each other's company. :)

To be continued....



  1. That looks like a beautiful getaway! So nice to have alone time before #2 comes!

  2. Looks HEAVENLY! :) Glad y'all had a lovely time. Can't wait to read part 2!


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