Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Good Idea/ Bad Idea

Good idea: Taking Aidan to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie.

Bad idea: Giving Aidan my drink cup, with only ice in it, to play with at the movie. He took the lid off, dumped the ice all over the floor, then sat down to play with it.

Good idea: Going boating up at the lake for the day.

Bad idea: Going boating up at the lake when you are 34 weeks pregnant, with a heat index of 110!

Good idea: Painting the backs of the bookshelves in the living room, for a nice "pop" of color.

Bad idea: Not realizing that the backs are not real wood, or even particle board and spending over 3 hours painting them, only to have ALL of the paint peel off as soon as it is dry.

Good idea: Having white slipcovered furniture in my living room. (easy to clean!)

Bad idea: Letting my boys eat chocolate chex mix on my furniture right after I had changed the slipcovers!

Good idea: Having my kiddos close together.

Bad idea: Having my kiddos close together! (Two under two anyone??)

Have you had any good ideas lately that didn't quite work out?!



  1. The paint peeling sounds like the worst! How frustrating!

  2. I didn't realize just how close your two will be!!!! WOW! I really thought Aiden was much closer to two.

  3. How did the movie go, besides the ice situation? We've been considering taking N to a child's matinee but we're a little nervous about it. :)

    The paint situation? Wowza. That's so frustrating!

  4. Sorry about the paint...that stinks. I have been considering slip covers for our new couch because I feel like I am cleaning it way too often.

    I hear that it is great to have two close in age. They do everything together.

  5. Having two close in age is really a blessing. They will be the best of friends! All four of mine are close in age with the last two being born in the same year! Crazy, huh?


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