Thursday, August 18, 2011

My 101 in 1001 {One Year Later}

I'm just realizing that I'm all ready one year into my 101 in 1001 challenge- boy has time been flying!

Let's take a look and see how well I've done so far....

Items Completed:
16- I had a lot of fun completing these 16.... they included some awesome times, such as:

Renting a cabin for a weekend on the Lake

Taking Aidan to swim lessons

Redecorating our office- now Aidan's playroom

Attending a Houston Texans football game

Completing 5 DIY projects

Going away with Jason for a weekend
Items In Progress:
15- I'm looking forward to finishing these tasks, which include:

Seeing 10 new movies in the theater- only one more to go!

Visiting a Texas Gulf  beach twice a year

Visiting Ohio twice a year

Finish decorating  the nursery

Items Not Able to Achieve:
8- Unfortunately I can't do it all and some things were just not attainable this time around.

 What's Left?
77 items that I need to start AND finish
15 items that I need to finish

It's awesome to see how much that has happened in this past year. It's been a busy, exciting, fun and productive one, that's for sure! There's still a whole lot to complete in two years, though. But, I'm up to the challenge!

Oh, and did you notice the little lilypie ticker at the top of my page today? Yep, I'm 37 weeks. As in full term! Baby could be here any day now.... :)



  1. You definitely have gotten a lot done! I must say, I am in love with that wreath! Gorgeous.

  2. I love this idea and am totally going to try it!!! Of course, one item on my list might be to move BACK to Houston. :) Can't wait for you to hit Rodeo - make sure to have some good chili (or a fried Twinkie) and soak up a Houston institution.


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