Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Right now...

* I am exhausted. This pregnant lady woke up at 2 am and never managed to fall back asleep. It's going to be a LOOONG day, people.

* Aidan and I are taking it easy. We took a shower, ate breakfast and are hanging out in the playroom. We were supposed to meet some friends for a walk and playtime at the Mall, but I had to cancel. There was no way that was going to be happening with me functioning on 3 hours of sleep.

* My little man is sitting in his rocking chair reading a book. :)

* The dogs are at my feet. I love our pups, but sometimes wish they'd give me a bit more space. Especially our 60 pound Boxer who thinks he is the size of a chihuahua and whose daily attempts at laying in my (very small) lap are getting a bit annoying.

* I am mucous plug free. Woohoo! Although, I lost mine 3 weeks before Aidan made an appearance, so who knows what that really means?!

* This preggo really needs some chocolate and caffeine and a back rug and a nap. Can anybody help me with this one?

* I'm  trying to decide what to accomplish today. I have a few projects that I'd really like to finish up before baby, I just need the motivation to actually complete them. I may end up putting them on the backburner for tomorrow. I guess we'll just  have to see how the day goes.

What are your plans for the day?


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  1. Sounds like you definitely a relaxing day...hope you got your chocolate!


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