Monday, August 8, 2011

Sew Good

This weekend I conquered my newest fear.

My sewing machine... *cue horror music*

Jason bought me one a few months back and it's been sitting in the box in our bedroom since it arrived via UPS. Sounds oddly familiar to what happened with my Silhouette, too, huh?

I don't know what it is. I guess new technology freaks me out a bit and I need a nudge in order to get going.

On Saturday I got together with two friends (both experienced sewers) to make nap mats for our kiddos, since they will all be attending the same Mother's Day Out program this Fall. (You probably remember that post from here. More on my decision later this week.)

This project was extremely daunting and not one that I would have ever thought to do on my own. I was honestly skeptical about even trying it with the help of my friends. But, boy am I glad that I went! They taught me so much about my machine and helped me get over my fear of sewing.

They both accomplished much more of their mats than I did that day, but I was so proud of what I did complete! Yes, I had a lot of trouble and yes my stitching is less than stellar.

But I made something!

With a sewing machine!

And it doesn't totally suck!

Yay me!

It even gave me the courage to make some pillows on my own. I went out to JoAnn's and purchased fabric (50% off with a coupon) and two pillow forms (on sale 50% off) and made two pillows.

And guess what? They look great!

What do you think?

My friends are coming over today so we can finish our mats. Okay, who am I kidding? They'll finish and I'll get a little more done. I think mine may take awhile since it's a harder project than pillows.

I've all ready picked out fabric to sew a few more pillows and I'm eyeing something pretty to make curtains for our kitchen/breakfast room area.

I'm so grateful to have friends that gave me the push I need. I've realized that I love to sew and I really enjoy the sense of accomplishment I feel after completing a task.

Have you conquered any fears lately?



  1. I LOVE the pillows and I'm jealous! I have had to reschedule my sewing class TWICE because of random stuff that has come up. I am definitely taking it in September and can't wait to make fun stuff! You go, mama!

    How are you feeling?

  2. Great post. Give yourself grace. Well-sewn projects take time. If you rush, they fall apart. I know from experience.

  3. Wow, I think you're very talented. The pillow looks perfect, and I love the fabric you chose!


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