Sunday, August 28, 2011

Today {Relax}

Today we're relaxing.

Recovering from our very busy day yesterday which consisted of swimming lessons, lots of play time, a Momma who wasn't feeling very great for the better part of the day, an evening party, followed by an after party, a DQ ice cream cake run at 11:30pm and ending with us getting home close to 2 am. Yikes!

Jason was a dear and let me sleep in (Sunday is usually his weekend day to catch a few extra Zzz's) while he wrangled Aidan this morning.

The little man spent the morning playing with his new favorite toy (the he received almost 7 months ago for his birthday!), his Little People Zoo. He absolutely loves the animals and enjoys placing them in the different parts of the Zoo, putting them in the laundry basket and taking them for "rides" around the house.

It's 1 pm and we're still in our pj's. At some point we have to change since there are some errands that have to be run.

Jason and I are talking about baby's impending arrival. When is baby going  to come?! I need to know! The anticipation is killing me. :)

I am trying to enjoy every moment that I can with our little family of three before we welcome our newest child. Aidan is getting showered with hugs, kisses and attention- probably a little more than usual.

We still  have a few small things to get done around the house, but nothing that is imperative right this very moment. We're  just taking it easy. Enjoying each other's company. Like the calm before the storm that is a newborn.

Enjoy your Sunday friends!



  1. Haha, a storm is right! But I've got to tell ya, I thought even those first few (sleepless) weeks with C at home were easier than being heavily pregnant while chasing after an active toddler!

  2. No truer words have ever been spoken ... "the calm before the storm that is a newborn." ;)

    Hope you're feeling better today, sweet friend. :) Guess who else is in their pjs? Yep. This family. *hugs*


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